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Yes, a battleship could fire all the big guns in a broadside and yes this would push the sip sideways in the water. Michael Montagne

Well, yes and no. It would depend on the acting forces on the ship, whether it was moving, how fast, what the force of the flow of the sea was. Because it is possible that the sea would be flowing strong enough in one direction that even the force of the cannons would not move the ship against the ocean current. Apollo Valdyr

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Q: Can a battleship fire all its big guns at once and does the ship move sideways when they are fired?
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What was the Last battleship to fire it's guns?

The last ALL GUN (no missiles) battleship to fire it's guns in a war; was the Iowa Class USS New Jersey. She fired nearly 6,000 16" shells and 15,000 5" shells at communist targets in Vietnam.

What was the biggest bullet ever made?

The US Battleship Iowa's 16" diameter barrel guns fired shells upwards of 2,700 pounds. The WW2 German Schwerer Gustav railway cannon fired shells upwards of 15,000 pounds. The Japanese battleship Yamamoto had 18 in guns and fired a 3300 lb shell.

How big are the guns on a battle ship?

The largest guns any American battleship was ever equipped with were 16" guns (battleships, an antiquated naval technology, are no longer built). The shells the 16" guns fired weighed over a half-ton each.

On a Battleship can the guns fire opposite directions at the same time and would this damage the ship?

yes, they can do that. No, it would not damage the ship.

Where was the USS Maddox when it was fire upon?

She actually fired her 5-inch guns first, in the Tonkin Gulf.

Were the guns in Battery Park ever fired?

The guns in Battery Park were never fired.

What are the weapons on a battleship?

The Russian flagship at the Battle of Tsushima (1905), the battleship Prince Suvorov (kniaz Suvorov) mounted four 12" guns; twelve 6" guns; and twenty 76mm guns.

Are there any guns that can break the sound barrier?

Most modern guns DO fire bullets that break the sound barrier. That is, their bullets travel faster than the speed of sound when they are fired.

Can guns be fired in space?


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BB guns (metal BB .177 caliber) fire a projectile that can injure a person and cause an injury. They are not designed to be fired at another person. Airsoft guns fire a large BB (6mm) and are designed to not injure anyone who wears protective clothing and gear.

When was Fire Your Guns created?

Fire Your Guns was created in 1990.

What is gun towers?

A tower that guns are fired from.

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