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Yes, a battleship could fire all the big guns in a broadside and yes this would push the sip sideways in the water. Michael Montagne

Well, yes and no. It would depend on the acting forces on the ship, whether it was moving, how fast, what the force of the flow of the sea was. Because it is possible that the sea would be flowing strong enough in one direction that even the force of the cannons would not move the ship against the ocean current. Apollo Valdyr

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Q: Can a battleship fire all its big guns at once and does the ship move sideways when they are fired?
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What was the Last battleship to fire it's guns?

The last ALL GUN (no missiles) battleship to fire it's guns in a war; was the Iowa Class USS New Jersey. She fired nearly 6,000 16" shells and 15,000 5" shells at communist targets in Vietnam.

What was the biggest bullet ever made?

The US Battleship Iowa's 16" diameter barrel guns fired shells upwards of 2,700 pounds. The WW2 German Schwerer Gustav railway cannon fired shells upwards of 15,000 pounds. The Japanese battleship Yamamoto had 18 in guns and fired a 3300 lb shell.

How does a battleship ignite it's powder charge to fire it's guns?

A large primer is used.

How big are the guns on a battle ship?

The largest guns any American battleship was ever equipped with were 16" guns (battleships, an antiquated naval technology, are no longer built). The shells the 16" guns fired weighed over a half-ton each.

Does a battleship move sideways when firing broadsides?

Yes, I have personally seen this. I witnessed the Newport News firing a full broadside, and yes, saw the ship continue straight on it's course, but the recoil of the guns pushed it down and moved it sideways.

On a Battleship can the guns fire opposite directions at the same time and would this damage the ship?

yes, they can do that. No, it would not damage the ship.

Were the guns in Battery Park ever fired?

The guns in Battery Park were never fired.

What are the main Parts of a battleship?

Armor and Guns. Without those two ingredients, it's not a battleship.

What are the weapons on a battleship?

The Russian flagship at the Battle of Tsushima (1905), the battleship Prince Suvorov (kniaz Suvorov) mounted four 12" guns; twelve 6" guns; and twenty 76mm guns.

Are there any guns that can break the sound barrier?

Most modern guns DO fire bullets that break the sound barrier. That is, their bullets travel faster than the speed of sound when they are fired.

Why are BB guns dangerous?

BB guns (metal BB .177 caliber) fire a projectile that can injure a person and cause an injury. They are not designed to be fired at another person. Airsoft guns fire a large BB (6mm) and are designed to not injure anyone who wears protective clothing and gear.

What do sailors do in the gun turrids on battleships?

The battleship USS New Jersey was the world's last all gun (no missiles) battleship fighting her last war in Vietnam in 1968. Sailors manned the three turrets each armed with three 16" rifles (guns). Crewmen rammed the 16" projectile (warhead) into the breech, then rammed bags of gunpowder behind the shell (warhead), then primed the breech, then secured it (closed it). The guns were fired from the bridge gun-fire control rooms. The New Jersey fired approximately 5,700 sixteen inch and 15,000 five inch shells at enemy targets during the Vietnam War.

What are the biggest guns called?

The VERY biggest guns are cannon- one type of which is called a howitzer. Cannon such as the German railway guns (so big they moved on railroad tracks) could fire a shell 75 miles. The cannon on a battleship (called rifles) can fire a shell that weighs more than a ton about 25 miles. For guns fired from the shoulder, the largest were likely some of the very large shotguns- one such was the 4 gauge shotgun, and fired about a half pound of birdshot. Some of the very large rifles were the express rifles. These were usually doubled barreled rifles used by hunters in Africa for very large game, such as elephants and rhinos. One such express rifle was the .600 Nitro Express. But the largest rifle fired from the shoulder was probably the 20mm antitank rifle from World War I. It weighed over 20 lbs, and fired a bullet just under one inch in diameter.

Can guns be fired in space?


How can a gattling gun fire so quikly..........compared to other guns and MGs?

Gatling guns have multiple barrels. Each barrel is being loaded, fired, being unloaded, cooling, and being reloaded in order. If it has 7 barrels, it is the equivalent to 7 guns. This permits the gun to fire very paidly.

What is the most powerfull gun on earth?

Depends on whether you use the weight of the projectile, or the range it can be fired. During WW I and WW II, the German Army built railroad guns that could fire a shell VERY long ranges- measured in miles. The largest guns in use today MAY be the US Navy 16 inch guns used on battleship- they fire a shell 16 inches WIDE- the shell weighs as much as 2,700 pounds, and has a range of 41,662 yards (about 39 kilometers). There have been other experimental guns under project HARP that were intended to fire a shell into earth orbit- but their status is uncertain. See the link below for information on the Navy 16 inch guns. Of course, these are NOT hand held firearms.

What does Yamoto mean?

Yamato was a Japanese Battleship (18" guns) and a city in Japan.

What is the name of large naval ship with many guns?

I think maybe battleship

What is gun towers?

A tower that guns are fired from.

What were the type of guns used during the civil war?

Most guns were muzzle-loading guns that fired black powder. Some guns did have metal cartridges that were loaded in the breech. Some of the latter types of rifles were repeaters and could fire several rounds without re-loading.

Can you fire 9mm blanks in a real 9mm gun?

Yes, but they will fire as a single shot. Unless the pistol is modified, it will not cycle when fired. These guns are recoil operated- and blanks do not produce significant recoil.

Ironclad battleship from the civil war?

Monitors, usually equipped with 11" guns; Vietnam Monitors had M49 105mm howitzer guns.

Witch battleships guns blowed up?

One of the forward 12 inch guns from the Russian Battleship OREL exploded during the Battle of Tsushima on 27 May 1905. The battleship surrendered on the high seas the following day.

Whats the difference between an airgun and an airsoft gun?

Airguns fire heavy metal projectiles of lead , tin or plastic/metal combination. Airsoft guns fire lite plastic projectiles. Airsoft guns were designed for simulated combat and can be fired at another person wearing proper protective gear. Airguns are for target practice and hunting and should never be fired at another person.

What is the percentage of guns used in crimes?

guns are fired in less than 2% of home-intruders