Can a black floater in your eye go away on its own?

I have several floaters in my right eye. I have seen an eye doctor who says that most of the time they are caused by stress. I have seen a reduction and have had several more show up depending on how stressed I seem to be. they can check for the floaters in a normal eye exam if it bugs you too much.

I have had this in both eyes for at least a decade. It does get slightly better in less stressful times. Apparently, this can be caused by very scary problems as retina detachment as well as general health issues like yeast overgrowth in the body. Since I tend to eat more sweets during stressful times, I have the feeling the floaties are yeast related.

Black floaters are sometimes tiny vessel hemorrhage ( mine being due to diabetes They never really go away They will pop up at any time My worst time is morning The black spot settle in the while you are laying flat.I was told to sleep in recliner sitting as straight as possible This does not let the spot float to the bottom when you get up there will be little if none temporally

Everyone has a string-like jelly substance in their eyes. Those strings sometimes get clumped together making a "floater". Most floaters are normal, but if you notice a lot of new floaters or see flashes of light, you should contact your Optometrist immediately. Flashes of light could be the early signs of a retinal detachment and the only way to save most of your vision is to get it taken care of immediately. You will have to go see an Ophthalmologist for laser surgery if that happens. The only way to actually get rid of normal floaters is to have a surgery where they suck out all of the jelly-like substance from your eye. It sounds seriously disgusting, but completely true. I have worked with Optometrist for 2 years now and I hear some nasty stuff.


Floaters are generally cellular debris floating around in your eye near the retina where they cast a shadow and your eye projects these magnified shadows into space. We only notice these shadows if they float near the macula. If they float away from the macula we gradually loose site of them.