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Q: Can a bladder infection cause you to lose weight?
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What can cause a 6yr old dog to lose bladder control?

Possibly a bladder infection, but it is best to have a veterinarian take a look before it gets really serious.

How do you stop a bladder infection?

we can avoid the bladder infection in just eating the right food and lose the dirts of the body regularly

Would a hospital-related infection cause a patient to lose weight?

MRSA is the hospital infection most common. I am hoping this is what you are asking about. Yes you can lose weight with this. The weight lose is due to the infection making you tired. Most people who end up with MRSA will lose approx. 5-15 pounds. The infection makes you feel mostly like you have the flu. And if you have ever had the Flu you know that you rarely feel like eating. In combination with the fact the MRSA also gives you diarrhea you will lose weight. This weight can be gained back after successful treatment for the MRSA.

Can a hospital-related infection like c diff cause a patient to lose weight?

Yes. Clostridium difficile manifests with diarrhea. Diarrhea makes you lose water and prevents you from getting certain nutrients, all of which can result in weight loss.

How does juicing cause weight loss?

Juicing does not make you lose weight.

Does laughing cause weight loss?

Yes! it does make you lose weight

Can you lose weight with a corset?

A corset can help you to lose weight by reducing your stomach capacity, but the compression itself will not cause weight loss.

Does methotrexate injections cause you to lose weight?


Does grapefruit make you lose weight?

Grapefruit has no special ability to "make" you, or cause you to, lose weight. Controlling your intake of carbohydrates and calories, however, will help you to lose weight..

When you are on a 2400 calories how many calories do you need to burn to lose weight?

Any calorie deficit will cause you to lose weight.

Does Coke make you lose weight?

Cocaine does not in of itself cause you to lose weight, however it is an incredibly strong appetite suppressant.

Why would a housebroken 2 year old dog suddenly lose bladder control?

well maybe it has some kind of bladder infection or something or maybe something happened that could have punctured the bladder. I just suggest you go to the doctor.

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