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Q: Can a blood test taken 5 days after your 1st Depo shot affect the shot in any way or take some of the medicine out of your system?
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Can Aleve be taken with losartan blood preausure medicine?

Not together

Will a blood type quiz affect your blood?

A blood type quiz will not affect your blood. The tests are run on blood samples taken from the patient and the blood is not returned to the body, but is discarded.

What medicine can be taken with methadone?

Antabuse medicine can be taken with methadone

Can you take a blood pressure pill every other day?

You may take a blood pressure pill every other day if that is how the doctor prescribed the medicine. Medicine should always be taken as prescribed.

How does drugs affect respiratory system?

Depends on the drug taken, and how it was taken... might need to expand your question :-)

Why does medicine have to be taken at regular intervals?

if not taken regularly the medicine will not work properly

If soma and methadone are taken together what are the effects?

Both affect the central nervous system and should not be taken togeter

How long does the stay in your system?

They actually stay in your system forever. A blood doctor can look at your blood and tell everything you have ever taken and almost to the day you took it.

Do prescription drugs affect your reproductive system?

Some can. Most don't (if taken as prescribed).

What is the function of medicine dropper?

medicine dropper is used by babies for they medicine to be taken

Which is correct have taken or has taken?

it is both. the teacher has taken my homework. and, i have taken my medicine today.

When did the improvements in medicine take place?

Improvements in medicine have taken place throughout the history of medicine. The biggest improvements have taken place in the last century.

Why is the fever is usually gone after 2 days even not taken a medicine?

Its because of WBC or White Blood Cells kaira feleo))

Which of the following is taken to prevent blood clots from forming in the cardiovascular system?

Answer is D. anticoagulants

Is tetracycline a poison or a medicine?

It is an antibiotic that is a medicine if taken properly, but a poison if abused or not taken properly, or if the person is allergic to it.

What if a person kiss a tb positive what medicine should be taken?

what if a person kiss a tb positive and what medicine should be taken

Can you take hydrocodone before a EMG test?

Hydrocodone is opioid based pain relieving medicine that if taken appropriately does not affect the results of an EMG examination.

What are the drug interactions associated with taking safflower?

Not to be taken with allopathic medications given to thin the blood. No reported contraindications in Chinese medicine or with standard pharmaceuticals.

Blood cultures are taken to determine?

blood cultures are taken to determine

What is it called when the effect of a medicine is canceled or reduced when taken with another medicine?


How does respiratory system of mammals depend on its circulatory system?

You need respiratory system to take in the oxygen and give away the carbon bi oxide. You have a pair of lungs for the same. The importance of the respiratory system can not be overemphasized. It gets the total blood supply equivalent to all the organs in your body. When all the organs get five litres of blood per minute, your lungs also get the same amount of blood supply. When during exercise, your organs get 25 litres of blood supply, your lungs get the same amount of blood supply. Your respiratory system will not work with out the blood supply. The oxygen is taken up by the red blood cells from your blood only. The carbon bi oxide is taken to the lungs by your blood only. The blood pressure is maintained at such a level that you do not get the interstitial fluid in pulmonary system.

How does the endocrine system affect the digestive system?

The endocrine system is utilized by the body to produce hormones and such that are necessary for digestion and rebuilding, and from the time food is taken into the body, they set to work.

What is the best medicine to controle the blood sugar for diabetes?

Insulin is regarded as one of the best medicine to control blood sugar for diabetes. However, one should consult doctor before using insulin in order to control blood sugar. It should be taken as per advised dosage on daily or weekly basis.

Where are mineral salts are taken from by the blood and where are they then taken to?

Mineral salts are taken from the blood in the nephron's of the kidneys, and then put back into the blood as needed in the peritubular capillaries.

What type of blood vessel do you take blood pressure in?

Blood pressure is taken through an artery. Normal BP is highest in the artery side of the circulatory system and lower in the venous side.