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Q: Can a blood test taken 5 days after your 1st Depo shot affect the shot in any way or take some of the medicine out of your system?
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Can Aleve be taken with losartan blood preausure medicine?

Not together

Will a blood type quiz affect your blood?

A blood type quiz will not affect your blood. The tests are run on blood samples taken from the patient and the blood is not returned to the body, but is discarded.

What medicine can be taken with methadone?

Antabuse medicine can be taken with methadone

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Depends on the drug taken, and how it was taken... might need to expand your question :-)

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if not taken regularly the medicine will not work properly

If soma and methadone are taken together what are the effects?

Both affect the central nervous system and should not be taken togeter

Do prescription drugs affect your reproductive system?

Some can. Most don't (if taken as prescribed).

What is the function of medicine dropper?

medicine dropper is used by babies for they medicine to be taken

How long does the stay in your system?

They actually stay in your system forever. A blood doctor can look at your blood and tell everything you have ever taken and almost to the day you took it.

Which of the following is taken to prevent blood clots from forming in the cardiovascular system?

Answer is D. anticoagulants

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it is both. the teacher has taken my homework. and, i have taken my medicine today.

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Its because of WBC or White Blood Cells kaira feleo))

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