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No, In the state of MA the car must be insured under the registered persons name. No

2006-11-09 16:46:37
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In the state of Florida can a car be registered by one person and insured by another?

A car can be registered and insured by a number of people. Usually they are one and the same. A car can be insured with having it registered to you if you would like to drive it.

Uninsured driver driving insured car is he covered?

If a person is driving a car and he/she is uninsured but the vehicle in which he is driving is registered and insured to another individual, the registered owner is liable for the damages to the other pwesond's vehicle.

Can a car be registered to one person and insured by another in Virginia?

No. You can only insure a vehicle that you own. The only situation where this is different is a married couple.

What is a co-insured?

Co-InsuredThe "Co-Insured" is another person or entity that is also covered under your insurance policy.

What is meant by other insured on the claim form?

The term "other insured" is another insured person exists who may cover the patient, the insured person who covers the patient on his or her insurance plan.

What happens to insurance when beneficiary dies before insured person?

generally nothing. Insured person can name another beneficiary.

Can an insured person also be the beneficiary on an insurance policy?

Yes, there is no bar in the insured person being beneficiary on another insurance policy.

If a person is insured with another company why do you have to exclude them from your policy?

I think that if a person is insured and lives in the same household than you shouldn't have to exclude them from driving your car if they are a relative

Is an underage person who is not a registered voter allowed to speak at Town Meeting in Massachusetts?

only if there 7ft

What happens if you get a ticket for no insurance but the car is insured by another person?

You probably get arrested.

Can bailiffs take a car owned by one person but insured by another?


Do I have to show proof of insurance if my car was parked when it was hit by another person?

Yes, if the vehicle is registered, in most states, you must have it insured. If the officer asks for proof of insurance, you are required to show it to him. If you do not have it, he may issue you a ticket. It does not matter if the car was in motion or parked.

If an insured truck driver from another state hits an uninsured motorist will the insured truck driver's insurance pay the expenses of the uninsured person?

Only if the truck driver was at fault.

How do you get all the accounts you've registered for to send to another email?

Ask the person you sensed the email to if you know who that person is

What purpose would one do a registered trademark search?

The purpose of a person doing a registered trademark search is if the person wants to register a trademark of their own. If their action is already trademarked, it cannot be trademarked by another person.

Can you insure another person for life insurance?

Yes, one person can obtain a life insurance policy on another as long as the policy owner has an insurable, financial interest in the life of the insured.

Is ING Direct an FDIC insured bank ?

Yes, ING Direct is an FDIC insured Bank. This means that deposits are insured up to $250,000, as are singly held accounts. Joint accounts which are 50/50 ownership are insured up to $250,000 per person, on the account, totalling up to $500,000 for the account. ING Direct is registered with the FDIC in Wilmington, Delaware, under number 35489.

Can you drive another person car if you are not insured?

yep u can hope this helped.In most states if you are over the age of 18, it is the car that is insured, not the driver. When pulled over, the police ask to see proof of car insurance, not person insurance.

What is maternity benefit?

the insured in respect of which Maternity benefit is paid to an ensured person is the pregnancy and maternity leave of the insured person.

A person who is insured is called?

The "insured" refers to a person or persons who are listed on the insurance policy for whom a premium is being collected.

Do you have to be the registered owner of a car to get insurance on it?

Yes. Only a registered owner of a car can get the insurance. The insurance policy document and registration documents of a car both should be in a name of one person. The mismatching of documents leads to legal complications. So it is important to ensure that to get insurance, you have to be the registered owner of a car.

Do you have to be insured to get your license?

A person has to be insured when they get their license because that is what the law says and you need to follow that.

Can a car be registered to one person and insured by another in the state of Ohio?

You cannot do this in any state. An auto insurance policy is a legally binding contract between two parties. The named insured must be the owner of the vehicle and no one else. The only exception to this is in the case of two legally married persons in that vehicles owed by either one is allowed to be on an insurance policy of either one of them.

Is the car insured or the person?

the car

What if insured person owes IRS and leaves it to his girlfriend?

the insured person will get screwed over on grounds of delaying the transfer of money to the IRS