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not in any state or thru any insurance company I know of.

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Q: If a car is registered and insured in a new residence state can the car still be insured and registered in the old state just in case you move back?
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Can you rent in one town and legally vote where you registered for example a young adult rents in one city but can then still vote where they registered in hometown and state at parents' residence?

in Ct you can [ as a student ]

If you had a car that was registered in another state but moved and left the car does the car have to be registered in the state you are living in now or can it still be registered in the other state?

The car needs to be registered in the state the owner resides in.

Does a car still have to be registered and insured if it has not been running for over a year?

if u drive on the road yes.

Can you still vote in state of Maryland if you are not registered?


If you have a Florida license and move to NJ can you get a NJ license?

I'm pretty sure if you still have your registered residence in Florida you do not but if you moved to N.J. to live in N.J. as your only residence I am almost positive you do.

Is the El Carmelo Residence still open?

Yes, El Carmelo Residence is still open. Yes, El Carmelo Residence is still open.

Does the the vehicle have to be in your name?

no, in most states you are supposed to be insured on any vehicle at the residence you live at. parents, roomates even. if you drive your grandmothers or significant other's car all the time or even as the primary driver but don't live with that person, you should still be insured.

Is a voter who is not registered still entitled to vote in a final election?

It depends on the state

If you are uninsured can you still sue the insurance of the insured that was at fault?

No according to the law (which may be different from state to state) The uninsured motorist is always at fault

Can you Have A Registered car but have someone else on the insurance?

Only your insurance company can answer that - mine does... I have insured vehicles that were not in my name and insured vehicles in my name for other drivers - Geico... I have also loaned vehicles that were in collisions and they still covered them even though I did not specifically "add a driver".

Is it legal to drive a Lamborghini in South Carolina?

Yes, provided the car is properly registered and insured, you have a valid drivers license, and you have permission to drive the car. You are, however, still bound by state laws regarding how it is to be driven, including the speed limit.

Is car insurance still valid when the insured dies?

Is car insurance still valid on a persons car if the insured person has died

If you're a student and moving out of state to either Illinois or Iowa from MN do you need to change car insurance if the title is still in your parents' name and is under their policy?

From what i understand, the vehicle can stay registered and insured in the home state to remain the same as the title holder or lienholder, you are basically using a borrowed vehicle, that makes you not responsible for the registration and insurance

Is an unlicensed driver still insured on my car?


You worked in another state and paid taxes in the state you worked in do you still need to file in Alabama?

You file in each State of residence...and any you make money in. The income is divided between them all.

If you are registered and insured in Pennsylvania but working and licensed in Texas in the event of other person at fault accident will you still be covered and if not what wiil the ramifications?

If you have been living in TX long enough the get a driver's license there then you should have also registered your car in TX and have TX insurance. However that being said you still shouldn't have a problem filing a claim and expecting coverage to apply.

How does one determine what state an auto insurance policy was written for or under?

Look at your bill. If it shows your address in the state that you currently reside in, then that will tell you what state you are insured in. You can still drive to whatever state you want and still be covered. If you move to another state then you must get a new insurance policy in that state. It is illegal to have insurance in another state and not live in it.

What if I changed my name am I still registered to vote?

Yes, you are still registered to vote, ask your Social Studies teacher!

Can a spouse sign the deed if not on mortgage?

can a spouse still living sale her residence to her spouse for the sum of 1.00 in a community property heir state.

Where to call to find out if a car is clear of finance?

The DMV of the state it is registered in should be able to tell you if a lien is still in effect on the vehicle.

Do you still have to pay child support if both parents do not live in the state?

Parents are obligated to follow the most recent order, regardless of their current residence.

If a parent moves with child out of state years after a divorce which child support law applies?

The divorce decree is still valid. If it needs modification, the law in the child's current state of residence applies.

If you have a lapse in insurance and someone backs into you is their insurance still liable for damages?

If your state requires your legally registered vehicle to be insured at all times, your lack of insurance MAY be of some interest to law enforcement. HOWEVER - if the other party's vehicle struck your vehicle then THEIR insurance is liable of the damages. It makes no difference whether or not your insurance was in effect at the time, or not.

If I am military do I have to get a Texas driver's license?

The drivers license from your home state of residence is legal as long as you are still a legal resident of that state. If you become a resident of the state of Texas (other than being stationed there in the military), yes, you would.

If you are at fault in a fender bender and your car is insured but not registered will there be a problem?

If the vehicle is not properly registered the insurance company is not liable. Unless at the time the "temporary tag" was valid. I used to work as an attorney for Liberty Mutual. In California, whether or not a car is currently registered is not relevant to the insurance coverage. The insurance company is still on the hook, even if the registration has expired at some point after the insurance company issued its policy.