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Only if someone stole it from the owner. Otherwise the car is just repossesed by the finance company.

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Q: Can a car be reported stolen for non-payment?
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Can the lease company report the car stolen?

Only if the car was actually stolen. Nonpayment isn't theft (a criminal matter), it's a civil matter.

Can a repossessed car be reported stolen?


What happens if your car is stolen?

If your car is stolen you should automatically have reported and what time it had gone missing.

Can a car be reported as stolen if the payment is not made?


Can a rental car company report the car as stolen?

Absolutely, if their car is not returned when stated in the rental agreement, the car is and will be reported stolen.

What happens if you hide your car from repo?

It will be reported stolen.

If a roommate has taken your car without permission can the car be reported stolen?


If a person is 4 months late on a car payment can it be reported stolen?

NOT unless it was stolen. Stolen cars are reported stolen. Cars securing a loan in DEFAULT are reported as DELINQUENT to the credit bureau. If you choose to report the car stolen, go ahead. I would not reccommend it though. Filing a false police report is illegal in most jurisdictions.

If you hide a car from repo man?

It gets reported stolen.

Can a tow company auction a car if reported stolen?

no i dont think they can

What happens if the creditor cant find the car to reposs it?

It gets reported stolen.

Can a lender tell you that they have reported the car stolen and tell you just drive around and see what happens?

Only you, if the car is in your name, can report it stolen. So they are jacking you up to get their payments

Can the impound lot keep the items in your vehicle if your car was reported stolen?

No.Another View: The police may retain any items found in the car pending proof that they actually are your property.REMEMBER: The car was reported stolen... and then it was recovered and impounded. The perpetrators MAY have used the vehicle during a crime spree and stashed their stolen goods in the car. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be the beneficiary of the stolen goods just because they were in his vehicle. and they may have to present proof that the items found in the car actually belong to them.

If you buy a car from a dealer that had been reported stolen can you keep the car?

Yes, because the dealer sold it to you its rightfully yours.

What can one do with stolen and recovered cars in the UK?

If one receives a stolen or recovered car in a UK dealership, the best thing to do is to report it to authorities. If not reported, one can receive sentencing for driving a bought car that was actually stolen.

Can you register a car being repossessed?

The tow/repossession company has to notify the police of the repossession so the car can't be reported stolen..

If your car was stolen and totaled can the bank list it as a repossession and make you continue to pay insurance on it?

IF the car was stolen, reported as stolen to the cops, the ins. should be paying the loan off. IF the ins. co. does not think the car is stolen, they wont pay and its as if the car was NOT stolen. So, you have to pay notes and insurance on the collateral. Bottom line??? HELP the ins. prove it was stolen and the problem will go away. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Can a leased vehicle be reported as stolen for nonpayment?

Yes. If the person who is on the lease actively attempts to leave the state or region of the country AND it is proven they attempted to HIDE the vehicle, then some states allow the owner of the asset to declare it as stolen and it may be on the BOLO list for police in your new local area.

What happens after a repo man says he reported the car stolen?

If a finnancing reposesor has takin the car, and it was stolen from him. it would be listed as a stolen vehicle by the local police. when found would be immediately towed and impounded. until the "OWNER" of the car retrieves it.. Wich means the bank, or financing company that the car was bought from.

Can a parent report a car stolen if their seventeen year old runs away but the car is in her name?

only the registered owner of the vehicle can report it stolen. If the kid took off with the parent's car, it is still not's considered "taken without permission" because it is known who has the car. this can also be reported to the pd.

Can you reprot your car stolen after repros?

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

How can you tell if a bank has reported a car stolen to the police or court?

Call the records department of the Police Dept where the crime occured.

How can you get a title for a car that was purchased in Ohio without one and you are in TN.?

It was a mistake to purchase a vehicle in Ohio that did not come with a title. Ohio vehicle owners can easily replace lost titles. Since this wasn't done, it can only be assumed that you purchased a vehicle that may have been stolen in some way (stolen & reported, stolen & not reported, or a self assembled car that was never inspected by the Ohio Highway Patrol)

If the police seize your car in an ongoing case but the car is not yours can the owners of the car fight the forfeiture to retain the car?

They can fight it but unless the vehicle was reported stolen, there is little hope of success, essentially none.

Can a repo car lease be reported stolen too by the financial company?

No! If this is a threat by the finance company contact a attorney. He/She will advise you what you need to do.