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YES! They will get the proper permission they need, because what they are doing is perfectly legal. Contact the lender and work something out. They will get the car sooner or later and you will pay dearly.

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Q: Can a car be repossessed at work when no one is allowed on property with out proper permission?
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What are the consequences for taking your car back from a dealer after it has been repossessed?

Without proper permission (in writing) to take your car after it's been repossessed, it is considered stealing. Anything from jail time to a hefty fine. If it's been repo'd, it's not yours anymore.

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What rights do you have to the personal effects in your car after it is repossessed?

You have the right to reclaim personal property during the normal business hours of the establishment where the vehicle is impounded. The company storing the vehicle must take inventory of and proper protection of such property under the "in bailment" laws of the state where the vehicle was seized.

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Clear car title car for repossessed car?

098765445436376547274574 After the vehicle is repossessed and the lien holder (lender) has physical possession of the vehicle (after following state law requirements) they would simply request, and pay for a new title at a cost of a few dollars, and upon proper proof of a proper repossession.

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