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Can a car be repossessed if the note is fifty dollars delinquent?

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Unfortunately, yes. You have to talk to the lender.

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Which two notes equal fifty dollars and one is not a five dollar note?

One note is not a five dollar note but the other is.

What is the value of a 1917 Egyptian 10 Piastres note?

I have one in poor condition is it worth anything? maybe fifty dollars

Does the person holding the note have to provide written notice that the vehicle is to be repossessed in Texas?

A written note

When did the Fifty Pound note come in?

The Bank of England first issued a regular Fifty Pound note in around 1725. The Bank of England issued the modern Fifty Pound note in 1981.

What is the value of a 1620 British Fifty Pound note?

The first British Fifty Pound note was issued in 1725.

Who is the indigenous austrailan on the fifty dollar note?

the Indigenous Australian featured on the fifty dollar note is named David Unaipon ... :)

What is the value of a British Fifty Pound note from the 16th century?

The first British Fifty Pound note was issued in 1725.

What is the text on the Australian Five Dollar note?

If you refer to the text in the top left of the obverse of the current Five Dollar note, "FIVE DOLLARS" is written about fifty-five times in nine rows of teeny weeny microprinting.

How do you make a five dollar note in to fifty dollars?

put a '0' after 5 save up for 10 weeks and double your money every week rob a bank

When will the old fifty note end?


How do you find out who repossed your car?

The lender who holds the note on your car, is the one that repossessed your car.

Can a car still get repossessed after 6 mths of not paying the note?

Yes. If you have not paid for it then it is not yours.

What is a g note at a bank?

1000 American dollars is a g note. a c note would be 100 American dollars.

What is the value of fifty piastres?

I don't know, but you can buy a fifty piastres note on Ebay for $1.25USD.

What is the larger british bank note?

The fifty pound Sterling note is the largest bank note in circulation in England.

What color is a fifty euro note?


When is the Sir John Houblon Fifty Pound note to be withdrawn?

The Bank of England has not yet announced the date for withdrawal of the Sir John Houblon Fifty Pound note.

What is the value of a 1984 Australian Fifty Dollar note?

There were no Australian Fifty Dollar notes printed in 1984.

When do the old fifty pound notes go out of circulation?

When does the old fifty pound note go out of circulation

If a spouse's car gets repossessed after their death does it affect your credit rating?

If your name was on the note, yes.

What is the value of an Australian Fifty Dollar Commonwealth note?

There were no Commonwealth of Australia Fifty Dollar notes printed. "Commonwealth of" was dropped from all Australian bank notes after 1972. The first Australian Fifty Dollar note was issued in 1974.

What is the most valuable note that you use in the UK?

Uh, a fifty?

What is the largest value Bank of England note in Pounds?

The current highest value UK bank note is the £50 (fifty pound) note.

Are you entitled to refuse a fifty pound note?

The Bank of England Fifty Pound note is legal tender in England and Wales, and by arrangement with the banks concerned, in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. A business person is entitled to refuse large denomination banknotes for small purchases, ie. a Fifty Pound note for a packet of chewing gum.

If a new car is in the process of being repossessed can you use the escrow to catch up the note?

not likely but IF you can get the lender to agree....