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No, but when the person reaches the age of majority, the parents can legally request they move out of the family home and take responsibility for their own financial support.

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Q: Can a child's parents emancipate them without the child's permission?
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Do you need both parents permission to change a childs name under a year old?

The permission of both parents is necessary unless the non-custodial parent has relinquished all rights.

What nationality are altiyan childs' parents?


Is a child naturalized if both parents are naturalized?

once a childs parents are natralized the child is natrailzed

Do you have to have your own home and job to be emancipated in NC if you are going to be staying at your fiance and childs fathers house?

No judge is going to emancipate a minor in order for them to go live with their boyfriend.

What choices do parents have for 1st birthday parties?

Some choices that parents need to make for a childs 1st birthday is they have to choose where the party will be, how many guests to invite and who they will invite, some parents will also choose a special theme for their childs birthday.

Can a biological parents claim a childs body when they die if they are a ward of the state?

Yes, probably.

Who was general William westmorelands parents?

Eugenia Tally Childs and James Ripley Westmoreland.

Can your mother take out life insurance on your child without your knowledge?

If you are referring to a minor childs GRANDMOTHER, no, she may not do so without getting the child's parents or guardians signature on the policy also. If the child were an adult, then the child would have to sign it.

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

How do you address a letter to a child in care of the parent?

To: Childs name c/o parents name

What time bed for 15yr old?

There is no set bedtime for children it is the responsibility of the childs parents to determine (with the childs input) what they believe to be appropriate. In my case it was 11PM on weeknights and midnight on Fri and Sat

How have they realxed the one child policy?

Now, it is that if both parents are only childs, you can have up to 2 children.

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