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Yes, you can ask but not demand him to give up his parental rights.

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If biological father agrees to allow his child to be adopted what rights does he give up?

He essentially give up everything. The child is no longer his legally. He has no responsibilities toward the child and has no visitation rights.

Can a mother be forced to take a paternity test if she does not want the child and wants to allow an adoption?

Yes. The biological father has rights and he might want custody of the child. She can not allow the child to be adopted without his consent. The court can issue an order to have a DNA test administered.

Is if easy for a father to terminate parental rights las Vegas?

It's not easy unless you have good reasons to. Usually they only allow it when the child is being adopted. And you still have to pay child support.

What reasons will the judge allow the father to give up paternity rights?

Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.Main reason: the child is being legally adopted by another responsible adult.

Can a husband in Ohio who adopted his ex-wife's children relinquish his parental rights?

Yes, but it is up to the court and they usually only allow it if there is an adoptive father waiting. Sounds like you didn't adopt for the right reasons.

Does the state of Texas require payment of child support if the parental rights of an adopted child are signed over?

If you are the father, and have signed an agreement to allow the adoption, than no. You have neither rights, nor responsibilities. But, court approval is required.

Can a person legally marry their adopted sibling?

Most states due not allow even adopted siblings to be married. Legally they are considered no different then blood related siblings.

What rights do non adopted siblings have when 1 sibling is adopted?

the sibling that hasn't been adopted normally would have the rite to go and see their adopted sibling but it is up to the adoptive parents, social workers advise the adopted parents to allow the siblings to stay in contact but at the end of the day it is up the the adoptive parents to deside,

Can a child that's been adopted see her family members?

Only of the adoptive parents allow her to.

Why did Jesus allow the Romans to crucify him?

So he could die for everyone's sins. His Father told him to allow it.

What if you are 16 and adopted can you go back to your birth parents?

Only if your adoptive parents allow it. At 18 you can do as you wish.

Who was Henry Ford's adopted child?

He wanted to adopt a little girl named Artie Mae Pickett from a catholic orpanage in Tennessee. Her father was recovering from a broken back and wouldn't allow it..Henry Ford still showered her with gifts of porcelain dolls..

How do you get emancipated if you are 15 and live with your adopted father?

The fact that he's your adopted father is irrelevant. He is still your legal father, and therefore you'd follow the same process as anyone else seeking emancipation. Just FYI--there are *very* few states that would even allow a 15-year-old to file for emancipation. Normally, you have to 16 in order to file. You also have to prove that you're capable of fully supporting yourself (paying your own rent/utilities/food/etc), with no assistance, and that there is a legitimate reason the court should grant emancipation.

How do you legally give up parental rights in Kentucky?

You petition the court to terminate your rights. Usually they only allow this when the child is being adopted. And unless adopted you will still have to pay child support.

Can your animals turn on you after you've abused?

Yes they can, that is why most animal shelters will not allow formerly abused animals to be adopted.

I am adopted and i was wondering if you can meet your mum before the age of eighteen?

If your parents allow you too and your biological mother is willing.

Why did Superman want to keep the powers?

His powers allow him to protect Earth, his adopted planet. He feels strongly about defending it.

Can a man sign over rights to get out of paying child support?

No. The court only allow this if the child is being adopted.

Does the catholic church allow the father of the bride to give her away?

Yes, the Catholic Church does allow the father of the bride to give her away. In many Catholic countries such as the Republic of Ireland and Portugal, it is customary for the bride's father to give his daughter away on her wedding day.

Can you live with your mom if your dad has custody?

Only if your father agrees to allow it.

Does UK legislation allow for the adoption of an adult step child?

No. A person can not be adopted once they reach the age of 18 in the UK.

How could you get visitation for your daughter to see her father?

Take it to court and plead the judge to do this. But, if the father in unstable in the eyes of the court they won't allow this.

How do you use concessions in a sentence?

My father made many concessions to allow me to practice.

Do guardians have to allow visitation to the father?

If there's a court order, than yes.

Should you allow your stepdad to adopt you?

If he serves the role as your father, why not make it official?

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