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It's not likely that a judge would take the wishes of such a young child over the evidence presented as to how the best interest of the minor child can be served. The parent that can demonstrate that they have the most stable and nuturing home environment is generally the one that receives primary custody. Financial issues are not a part of the decision, (or shouldn't be). The non-custodial parent will generally be ordered to pay support that will help to maintain the same lifestyle the child would have experienced if the parents had remained together.

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Q: Can a child that is 7 in Texas make a choice to live with his father?
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Can a child that is 13 in Texas make a choice to live with his father?

My child is 13 and lives in Texas and he wants to live with his father. Can he do this legally?

You wont to file child support order against your child's father and you live in Louisiana and the father lives in Texas where should you file?

Get an attorney who's licensed in Texas and specializes in family law.

Can a child choose to live with a grandparent in Texas even if the father also wants custody and is not unfit?

In Texas, if a child is 14 or older, he/she can choose to live with a grandparent as long as permission is given by the custodial parent.

Legal age in Texas to decide where to live?

Texas is the only state that allows the child to make a choice, when over the age of 12, but there are srtill some limitations.

Does a father with shared custody have the right to make a choice that his child and mother of child cannot live with boyfriend?

No, he only have rights to say about the child and not the mother's personal life.

Does your child have to be born in Texas to receive Texas child support if you live in Texas?


If a father was receiving child support in Texas and the child chooses to live with the other parent do you have to pay the other parent child support?

You must file to stop child support along with a change of custody.

What if your child's father has insurance on your child in Texas but you live in New Jersey?

AnswerIf PPO shouldn't be a problem. If HMO, then it's Emergency only.

How old can a child be to decide what parent to live with in Tx?

The law in Texas has set the age of 14 at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations.

Can you have a man live with you and your child other than the father?

Yes. You are an adult and decides who can live with you. As long as that person is not unfit to be around children the choice is all yours and no one can tell you otherwise.

My child is 14 and wants to live with her dad. She lives in NJ but wants to live in TN with father. At what age can she make that choice.?

Only Texas has that law, but with significant restrictions. In all other states, it's a case by case basis, with the Judge interpreting the maturity of the child, and their intent, but this still does not override other evidence in the child's best interest. It's just a piece of the evidence.see links below for additional info

What is the legal age for a child to decide which parent to live with in tx?

The law in Texas has set the age of 14 at which a child can make a choice the court is required to abide by, and even than there are some limitations.

If a child is 16 and their mother has full custody of them and their father only has supervised visitation rights when taken to the courts does that 16 year old have the choice of where to live MI?


You live in Texas and you picked up your check from the courthouse for child support you lost the check Can the father be responsible for sending you another one?

Only if it was his check.

If a mother is in jail in CA and minor child is living with Biological father in Michigan at what age can the minor child choose to live with maternal grandmother in Ca?

Age 18. Only Texas has that law.

You live in the state of Texas and father with sole custody of child the military is station you in Hawaii can your child mother prevent from your child to go with you?

If you have sole custody no. However, can you still provide for the child? School etc? If she wants to prevent it then let her go to court.

At what age can children make a choice on whom to live with?

At what age can a child make a choice to live with aunt new york

Can a 13 year old in NC choose to live with father in Ga?

It is Important for a child that age to have a choice in who they want to live with. They are old enogh to know what makes them happy in life and to deny that right is wrong.

Does a father have the right to make a choice that his child and mother of child cannot live with a boyfriend or fiance if the father legal gave custody to the mother?

No, if the biological father does not retain custodial rights he has no say in the living arrangements of the mother and child. The exception to such, would of course be if the child is in an unsuitable and/or unsafe environment where his or her well-being is in jeopardy. This does not mean that the father cannot petition the court for joint or sole custodial rights based upon the situation.

In California if father has primary physical custody and both parents have joint legal custody can the child choose which parent he wants to live with?

No, legally a minor has no choice in the matter.

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Can a 16 year old in Texas choose to live with his single father if remarried mom has custody?

yes once your 16 or older you can make your own choice but you have to confirm it with the court first

You are trying to find out about back child support you live in Texas and your two stepchildren have both graduated high school Their biological father still owes back child support?

Only the mother has standing to learn that

What happens to child support payments if the mother dies and the child will not live with the father?

In simplest terms, the child support goes with the child. Most often it is not a matter of the child's choice with whom he will live. If the father has been making child support payments to the mother, and the mother dies, but the father still retains parental rights, the child automatically goes to the father's custody. If the mother has made guardian arrangements and the father has agreed to these (signed off), then the child support payments will automatically revert to the named guardian. It might require some adjustment on the part of the courts, but it is pretty automatic. If the father for what ever reason has lost parental rights, and the custodial mother has not named a guardian, the child will be placed with the next nearest relative, or if one cannot be located or none suitable are available be placed in foster care and the child support will go to the state. Child support follows the child.

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