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Can a coffee table be slightly higher than the sofa?

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Yes! It is very European, actually. Coffee tables, particularly in France, are normally 20-24 inches high.

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Standard coffee table length?

The standard length of a coffee table can vary. This is because the length of a coffee table usually coincides with the length of the sofa it will be used with. The coffee table should be one-half to two-thirds the length of the sofa.

How high should a sofa table be behind the sofa?

According to interior designers, the sofa table can be low or tall as per the height of the sofa set. The sofa table is often placed right behind the sofa. If you donโ€™t want the table to be seen above the sofa back, it needs to be around 50cm in height. Another option for a table in your living room would be coffee tables. If you have low sofas in your living room, it makes sense to have a low-lying coffee table, and if you have considerably higher sofas, a slightly higher sofa table would be more appropriate. Most sofa tables come in a standard height of 42cm to 50 cm. Wakefit offers several interesting sofa table designs. You can choose from ones with a simple design, underneath shelf, drawers, open shelves and so on. A sofa table is an essential piece of furniture in any living room. It comes in handy to place your magazines, coffee table books and so on. It is also useful for serving hot and cold beverages when friends drop by suddenly.

How far should a sofa be from a coffee table?

As long as your family can walk through it.

What is the standard coffee table length?

The standard coffee table length is actually one-half to two-thirds the length of the sofa it will rest before.

What surfaces can someone lay their cup of coffee on if they put their coffee table in storage?

A few alternatives for a coffee table would be an end-table that is normally at the side of a sofa or chair. A TV tray could also be used to place a drink on while the coffee table is unavailable.

If I use a console table behind my sofa, how high should it be in relation to the back of the sofa?

ideally the tabe should be the same height as the back of the couch. It is also acceptable to have a console table slightly lower than the back of the sofa by a couple of inches.

Can a sofa table be higher than sofa?

It depends on the sofa. There are some short sofas out there and tall sofa tables. Generally the sofa table is supose to be around top of the sofa. However, now a days sofa tables are not used as much behind the sofa. they are used as hallway tables or just accent tables. They are also called console tables from time to time.

What is the difference between a sofa table and coffee table?

Generally speaking, a "sofa table" is a tall, narrow table used behind a sofa to hold lamps or decorative objects. A "coffee table" is any table used in front of the sofa, ostensibly as a place to set your coffee cup. That being said, any number of variations can be used: "cocktail tables" are really just coffee tables used for cocktails, and "end tables" are just small sofa tables, moved to the ends of the sofa. There are no rules for these things, but do remember to keep your lamps and decorations in proportion to the tables that hold them - by no means should any table be overloaded or unbalanced. Also remember to keep 18-20" between the sofa and any table(s) in front of it, to avoid banging your legs. Keep all electrical cords tangle-free and out of traffic. And don't be afraid to think outside the norm for tables: chests, dressers, trunks, baskets, cradles, even file cabinets can all be made useful around and in front of seating. Or maybe you don't need a table at all...

What type of furniture should be put in a sitting room?

Decorative yet comfortable chairs and a couch, along with an end table, coffee table, and sofa table.

Sofa Table how long and high should a sofa table be?

It depends on how high and long you want it. Generally the sofa table is behind the sofa near the top of the sofa. However, if you don't want too much showing over the sofa you would want one lower towards the middle of the sofa.

What is the appropriate height for sofa coffee tables?

Coffee tables range from 16-20 inches tall. A tea height coffee table runs around 25" tall. Check your local Target or Walmart for a great deal on coffee tables! The appropriate height for a coffee table is the height measured from the floor to the top of your sofa cushions. Some say it is okay if the height is an inch or two below the height of the seat cushions, but some may find that less comfortable as it would involve more bending over.

What is the difference between sofa tables and coffee tables?

Sofa tables are usually smaller and made of plastic while coffee tables are usually wood. Coffee tables are better quality and are supposed to be eaten on.

What is the french word for sofa table?

une table basse

How many feet should a sofa be from a coffee table?

what kind of question is that .how long is a piece oof string,HOW EVER LONG U WANT IT TO BEWHAT U THINK

What pieces normally come in a sofa set?

A living room set typically comes with five pieces -- a sofa, loveseat or chair, coffee table, and two end tables. The set you purchase depends on how much space you have and how much seating you need.

What is the difference between Sofa Tables And Console Tables?

A sofa table is designed to be placed in front of, or next to a sofa, while a console table, is designed to be placed up against a wall, say for instance, in a hallway.

Esta entre la mesa y el sofa?

It's between the table and the couch/sofa.

Can a sofa table be as long as the sofa?

yeah it can be what ever size you want but it looks good either way

What is a center table?

a table that is placed at the center usually along with the sala set or sofa.

What type of furniture would one find in a breakroom?

Furniture usually found in a breakroom includes a table, often a folding table or a picnic table, plastic seats, and maybe one piece of comfortable furniture like a sofa. There might also be a Coffee Machine and a Fridge.

What is a cocktail table?

A long low table, often placed before a sofa. Also called a cocktail table.

What is the average price of a new sofa table?

The average price of a new sofa table depends on where you purchase. Most sofa tables are approximately around $100.00 even up to $300.00. If you wanted a cheaper one I would check the local ads.

What are the different styles of coffee table?

A coffee table will reflect the owner's style of decoration. The traditional coffee table is rectangular, with four legs and sits about two feet from the ground. Traditional end tables are more square, but some stores offer low costs end tables that are round in shape and are covered in a cloth. Many coffee tables are made of wood. You find these traditional coffee tables in many homes. Some of these coffee tables have variations and some will include ornamentation either on the legs or the corners. Some coffee tables will have drawers for storing, while other coffee tables will have a shelf underneath the table to hold magazines, books, children's toys or the television remote. Some coffee tables are more "art deco." These coffee tables are often made of other materials such as metal and may be in different shapes such as round or oval. Some coffee tables have a plate of glass inside its structure. One type of coffee table recently featured on an online auction site is made entirely of glass. Many craftsmen make coffee tables in their shops from wood or metal. Arts and crafts shows across the nation feature the hand-made items. While the traditional coffee table is still found in many homes, there are many unusual types of coffee tables. One online auction company recently featured an inflatable Dallas Cowboys coffee table. Another coffee table was an aquarium, featuring fish swimming in the tank with a top perfect for holding drinks. You can purchase a coffee table in a set or alone. A coffee table set will have the traditional coffee table that sits in front of a sofa or couch and two end tables.

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