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YES, they can refuse. Its their money and they can demand it any way way they want to. However, they only get it like YOU give it to them. LOL Fin comp never gave oppor to pay back. ???? What do they have to do to be giving you 'opportunity"??

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Q: Can a collection agency refuse monthly payments on a repossessed car?
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How come a monthly statement is not sent by the collection agency when making monthly payments?

Because they don't. It is a lot of agency's policies.

Is it better to settle an account in collections or pay it in full via monthly payments?

Personally speaking, it is better to settle with a collection agency rather than making monthly payments. Theres only one must pay the collection agency in full. Example, lets say you owe $1000 to a credit card company. A collection agency will say, pay $600 NOW and this will settle the balance. So, if you dont have $600, its a 'catch-22'. You are better off making the monthly payments until the $1000 is paid.

Can a collection agency report you to the credit bureau if you are making monthly payments on your medical bill?

If the debt was properly assigned by the original creditor, yes. If you are making payments to the Original creditor than ask them to pull it back from there Collection agency, then dispute with the CRA's and when they update it should delete

Can a collection agency garnish VA disability payments?


What happens if you miss several payments with the collection agency?

They stop collecting

If you are willing to make payments on a debt can a collection agency refuse the payments and continue to harass you?

A collection agency is not hired to get the amount paid in payments they are paid to get the amount in full. At this point the place you originally owed the money to and did not pay may or may not be willing to take payments being that they have now hired the collection agency to get the money from you. YOu can call the original creditor and tell them you are willing to pay and if they say no then you must pay the collection agency, I have never heard of any of them taking payments. When they get hired they try to collect as much as possible of the owed amount so they can get a higher commission. They dont want payments they want money in full....

Can a collection agency report a collection and then not update it?

In Part: No it has to be updated if the balance is revolving and going up or down monthly.

Will a collection agency or the original creditor accept monthly payments to pay off a debt that is in collections?

Most of the time a collection agency will accept 2-3 equal payments to pay off the balance.As of right now no they will not accept payment and will not work with consumer credit counciling programs. Once it has went to collections, you are not suppose to contact the original debtor. It confusses the situation. You aren't suppose to contact the original creditor once it goes into collections but the Collection agency will accept payments. They are happy to get any money they can. (they get 50% of what they collect)I used a collection agency for a tenant who wouldn't pay for months who I had to evict(went to court) and I received a couple of small payments until the person ran away and hid again. Both the collection agency and I were glad to get any money possible. Unfortunatly, this will show up on your credit report whether you pay or not........... But it is ALWAYS better to pay if in your future creditors eyes (fico score)

Can the deficiency that you owe on a repossessed car be collected from a collection agency that is violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

ONLY if you let them do it. Call a local attorney now.

If you are making sporadic payments to a collection agency and they cash them can they still sue the cosigner?

Unless you have a specific repayment plan that the collection agency agreed to, there is no legal reason that cannot sue the cosigner.

Does a debt collector have to send you a monthly bill?

A debt collector works for a collection agency. If the angency owns the debt then you can request statements. A collection agency will send you a paid or settled un full letter. They are not a billing agency.

Can a debt be classified as a judgment if you made a payment and the collection agency contacted you and you showed proof of payment and are paying the remaining balance?

if collection agency is not from your lender, but third party, then you need to fax them proof of your payments to your lender or financial insitution and have them send you a letter stating that they will not report you to credit bureau. and also have them contact the collection agency you are making payments. asian623

What can you do if you have a closed electric account with a balance and you have made monthly payments but it has been sent to a new collection agency and they are requiring larger payments?

And the question is what? You created the large bill, you need to be responsible enough to pay it off. You can't expect to pay a dollar a month and think that they'll be happy about it.

You were turned over to a collection agency by a hospital after they accepted three payments you are on disability?

Most hospitals farm out collection accounts after 90 days of nonpayment to outside collection agencies.

If vehicle was repossessed in 2004 but ex spouse stopped paying consistently in 1999 What date must the collection agency report to the credit bureau?

The collection agency typically does not report to the credit bureaus, the original lender does. Lenders report to the bureaus, collection agencies collect on delinquent debt.

What is a Derogatory public record or collection?

== == A Deragatory record is an account that has had a history of late payments. A collection account is an account that was not paid on time or at all, and was closed by the creditor and sold to a collection agency.

I get paid twice monthly my pay is garnished by a collection agency is this done every pay check at 25 percent or 25 percent monthly?

can you tell me the answer please?

Can you get receipts for payments made to a collection agency?

yes and an accounting too. To be certain, make all payments in person at their office. You may request a reconciled statement showing all payments as well.

Can a hospital turn you over to a collection agency after a year even if you have been paying on it and not missing any payments?


What is commercial collection agency?

A Commercial Collection Agency is and agency that collects debt on behalf of their clients, same as a consumer collection agency, but a commercial collection agency collects business to business.

What are collection agencys?

A Collection Agency pursues payments of debts on behalf of their clients. It can be categorized by Collection Agencies for Consumer and Commercial.Consumer is when a Lender provides credit for services or products to a Consumer, and when this accounts fail to pay, then the lender may use to collect the debt through a Collection Agency.Commercial is the same concept but collecting debt from business to another business, this is known as Commercial Collection Agency

If a collection account was sold to another collection agency is it correct that they should both show up on your credit report as late payments?

When a collection agency sells your debt they no longer have any claim to your debt. It's like selling a car, once it is gone it is gone.

What does it mean if the original creditor recalls your account from the debt collection agency?

Same thing happened to me..... what does this mean? I have not heard anything back from original creditor and was making timely montly payments to collection agency... I am confused and a little scared

Can you settle for less in a collection agency?

Yes, sometimes a collection agency will let you settle for less than the total amount owed on the debt. Most times this means they will want all the money in one, two, or three large payments.

Collection agency laws?

if a collection agency has not bought out my debt from the original company can the collection agency look up my credit report?