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Yes- it is not as common for a prescription tro improve but it does happen.

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Q: Can a contact lens prescription improve such as if you were to wear a -3.25 in one eye then the next year it became -3.00 or -2.75?
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Will discount contact lens match your prescription exactly?

Yes, discount contact lens can still match your prescription exactly. All companies have quality standards that they have to meet, so regardless of where you purchase your prescription lens, you will get the same prescription all the time.

Are there any taxes for importing contact lens from US to israel?

no. but you can't buy contact lens in the US without a prescription.

What is a Non-prescription color contact lens?

plano lenses

Is contact lens a medical device?

Yes the contact lens is a medical device and you need a prescription form an eye doctor to order them (especially online).

Can you use your eyeglasses prescription to buy contact lens?

No, it is a different prescription because the size and curvature of your eye has to be figured.

How do you figure out your contact lens prescription from your eye glasses prescription?

Legally there is no self adjusting of prescriptions. Think of it this way. If I rewrite my prescription for pain meds, I may have a legal battle on my hands. Legally the optometrist determines the contact lens Rx every year. Keep in mind that contact is sitting on your eye.

How do you improve picture quality?

Clean your lens with contact solution

How are contact lenses made?

Contact lenses are made from a synthetic material that is safe for the eye. After an individual's vision test, the contacts will be prescribed. The contact lens manufacturer will then create a contact lens based on that prescription.

Are there different contact lens for the right and the left eye if the prescription is the same?

No, there's no difference.

Where can you get cheap Sharingan contact lens?

As long as you have an active prescription, you can easily order it online.

Can you get eyeglasses using contact lens prescription?

haha by paulg1997 I work for Contact Lens King an online retailer of contact lenses. There are ways to convert the prescription but your ECP will be the one to do it for you. It is not as simple as saying -250 will be -250. Remember the contact lens sits on your eye. Eyeglasses are up to 10cm from your eye. Call your ECP(eye care professional) and they should be able to do this for you. Chelsea

Can I use my contact lens prescription to buy eyeglasses?

yes So, as helpful as this answer is and all, could I get an elaborated answer? My contact prescription is -2.75 and -3.00, its straight forward with no other problems. Should glasses be okay with the same prescription?

What is bcor in contact lenses?

The base curve is the radius of the sphere of the back of the lens that the prescription describes.

Can you use a smaller diameter contact lens than your prescription?

yes but it would feel wierd.

How old do you have to be to wear Halloween contact lenses?

As long as you see your eye doctor and get a prescription for contact lens fit, you can then get contacts for Halloween.

How does a convex lens work to make you see things?

The amount of curve (convex) in the lens determines the strength of the lens, thereby determining the effectiveness (or strength) of the lens. This is how the prescription strength of contact lenses is determined.

Do you have to go to an eye doctor to get prescription eyeglasses if you already have a prescription for contact lenses?

It depends on the eyeglass company as to whether they'll accept your contact lens prescription or not, so just ask them. That said, some eye doctors make slight modifications to your prescription for contact lenses, so it may be best to go back for a separate eyeglass prescription anyway.

How much time does it takes to cut a prescription lens?

The cutting of a prescription lens takes about 15 minutes per lens.

Does your contact lens prescription have to be exact because i cant seem to find my exact one online?


Are contact prescription the same as eye glass prescriptions?

No. The diopter value (strength) of the lens might be the same, but contact lens prescriptions also include a base curve to match the shape of the individual eyeball, and also possibly a lens diameter.

What is the range of contact lens prescription?

Lenses can be custom made in any prescription, but most soft lens companies manufacture a range of the most common prescriptions, between +8.00 to -8.00 and others range from -20.00 to - 20.00.

How often do you have to renew your contact lens prescription?

It depends on what kind of contacts and the amount given. Usually, for a "one month" pair, it'll be usually about six months per prescription, or six contacts per case. Usually contact lens prescription is good for one year. After the year from when you had your eyes exam, the office or you yourself can make another exam to see if you can still see in your current prescription.

Are there different contact lens for the right and the left eye?

For most people, yes--your prescription will USUALLY be different in each eye.

Can you use a larger diameter contact lens than your prescription?

No, it can't be used. It will cause irritation in your eyes. Also visibility will not be clear.

Will using a Relative's contacts mess up your eyes?

Probably, you would need your own prescription from your opticians for the correct contact lens'