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You can co-sign on as many transactions as you feel like..Remember..Every time you co-sign on a loan, it will appear on your credit report..AND..If the person you co-signed for does not pay, you are responsible..Under normal circumstances, creditors asking for a co-signer know that the odds are close to 75% that you will end up making some of the payments.

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Q: Can a cosigner cosign on more than one student loan?
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Are private student loan cosigners in danger if you default on other loans they didn't cosign?

OP here with more details: the private student loans they are cosigned on are current/paid on time, but other private student loans (with the same lender) are about to default. Can this in any way cause problems for my cosigner?

How can an International student get a student loan without a cosigner?

US banks offer loans to International student who does not have any cosigner. If you are an international student then you should not get worry about loans or financial requirements. If your course is approved by US academy and having good academic background then you can easily get federal loans or scholarships. If you are not from US then these financial helps are not for you. However, if you are living in US for more than three years then these loans are available for you. If you are not eligible for federal loans then apply for international student loan without cosigner that are offered by some leading moneylenders. These are private student loans and any student may apply for these loans. Well, my research says that there is a website Excite Education, they have a page of student loan cosigner. it may be helpful. Do take a look. Good luck!

Can a co signer sue the person who defaulted on the loan for the amount of the loan in question since the car was reposessed and that person is working and more than capable of making the payments?

Not likely. If you cosign then you are saying "I trust my credit in this person's hands." If the signer does not pay then it is the responsibility of the cosigner to take care of the payments.

How do you cosign for a personal loan?

When you cosign for a loan, it's as if you are applying for loan for yourself, because if the person you cosign for does not pay, then you're responsible for making payments Very simply - a co-signer of a loan is responsible for absolutely everything as the "other" signer) who may be called primary signer). No difference. EXCEPT that the cosigner frequently does NOT have possession or legal control of any property involved in the loan, so using it (say selling it) to pay for the loan can be much more difficult, if not impossible. So whatever the responsibility, or recourse, (legal or financial) is for whatever action or lack of action required under the loan (and frequently under law too as many times you are considered the owner of any property connected with the loan), you are subject to also.

Can a bankrupt person cosign a loan I have a good credit score but not enough income. My father makes over 100k a year but got over his head with credit cards. Is he still able to cosign my loan?

Anyone the lender accepts can be a cosigner...that is entirely the lenders choice. However, they naturally want someone more qualified, having a higher credit score, than the primary. Your father likely does not.

How do you get a student loan with fair credit and no cosigner?

I have had a lot of experience with private student loans that are non-certified (they do not have to go thru your school to get approved). Next Student has a bit more lenient credit guidelines than many other private student loan companies. You might also try Sallie Mae Tuition Answer Loan. Other loan companies that participate with "fair" credit are American General and Citifinancial. Good Luck!

What can be done if you are a cosigner and the primary does not make the payment the insurance has been cancelled and was charged with DUI drugs?

Be more careful the next time you cosign for a loan. Sounds like you picked a real winner. You need to contact whoever holds the note on the vehicle.

How To Get Student Loans Without a Cosigner?

If you have been looking for ways to pay for college, you have probably thought about taking out a few student loans. However, you might have found that a lot of student loans require that you have either a high credit score or a cosigner. If you don't have credit or if your credit is bad and if you don't know anyone who is willing to cosign with you for a student loan, you might be unsure of if you will ever be able to pay for college. Fortunately, there are ways to get student loans without a cosigner. First of all, you should consider talking to a financial aid adviser about taking out a federal student loan. Federal student loans allow students to borrow money for school without a cosigner, and they do not even look at your credit score, which means you will still qualify if you have bad credit or if you don't have credit at all. Along with applying for student loans, you can also apply for federal grants. Just like loans, these grants will provide you with the money that you need to pay for college, but you won't have to worry about paying them back in the future. Secondly, you could consider working on your credit score so that you won't need a cosigner in order to get a student loan. Although you might think it will be impossible to boost your credit score, it might be easier than you think. By getting a cell phone or cable bill in your name and paying it on time or getting a credit card and using and paying for it responsibly, you can boost your credit score, and this can help you qualify for student loans without the need for a cosigner. Lastly, you can consider looking for student loans that will allow students with bad credit to apply, even without a cosigner. Although this might be more difficult, a little patience might help you find a lender who is actually willing to give you a chance.

Can you be a co-signer with no job?

You can, but the more likely scenario is that you will be listed as the primary and the person who can pay will be the cosigner to secure the loan. If you are hoping to secure the loan for another party as their cosigner, it is not likely to happen. Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and can provide evidence of this to the lender, you will not be accepted as a cosigner.

What is meant by student loan bankruptcy?

Student loan bankruptcy happens when a student has not been a student for the last 7 years and declares bankruptcy. For more information please contact a student loan office.

Where can I find more information on student loan forgiveness?

Looking though the internet I found that the student loan forgiveness is supported by President Obama there are no programs that forgives the complete loan. If you are a teacher and need the student loan forgiveness you can access to the U.S.Department of Education and there will be more information.

Are there any websites offering information on how to consolidate student loans?

A student loan can be a heavy burden for a student to bear and more than one student loan can prove to be unmanageable. To get information about student loan consolidation you can go to

What if the cosigner has two car loans and a mortgage can they still cosign?

They could still cosign. It would mainly land on the bank to see if they would approve this person as a cosigner. More then likely they would if they have a mortgage as well as 2 other car loans that are up to date. This person probably has very good credit and all they'd need is a good amount of funds coming in to get approved.

Where can I find information about student loan interest rates?

Student loan interest rates tend to vary depending on the type of loan. More information is provided by American Student Assistance, which can be found at

What are the best ways to obtain a Student Loan and what collateral is necesary as a guarantee?

Normally it helps to agree to be a cosigner for the loan. You would sometimes put a large asset, such as a house, car or investment up as collateral. Often, just a written agreement and proof of student registration is sufficient. Discuss it with your local bank to get more information of the types of loans available.

How can I find out more about private student loan consolidation?

When you are receiving a private student loan, it cannot be consolidated with federal student loans so you would need to take that into consideration. Here is a website to find out more about private student loan consolidation.

Does a cosigner need good credit?

A cosigner is only needed because the primary doesn't have adequate credit rating/history for the needed loan. Hence, the cosigner needs to have credit good enough to qualify for the loan, presumably good, at least betterr than the primary! (Credit scores are not combined or added to get to the needed level). Understand, being a cosigner is essentially the exact same as getting a loan - the cosigner is just as liable as if he got the loan on his fact needs to be more responsible, because he now has to take on the obligations of the primary too, if needed, likely without the control/posession/benefit of what was purchased.

Where can a student go to get help with a loan repayment?

A student can go to get help with a loan repayment at the bank where he or she took the loans from. One must also check with the following places like Student Aid, Student Loan Repayment, Consumer Finance and many more.

How to Get Student Loans for Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit and little available funds, you might feel as if you will never be able to go to college. It can be tricky to come up with the money that you need in order to fund your education without a student loan, but it might seem as if getting a student loan is impossible if you have bad credit. Although this can be a frustrating and upsetting situation to be in, you shouldn't let it get you down. Instead, you should look for options for student loans for bad credit.Apply for Federal Student LoansOne of the best ways to get student loans for bad credit is to apply for federal student loans. Federal student loans do not involve a credit check; instead, they are based off of financial need. Therefore, you can get the loan that you need without having to worry about your bad credit, and these loans are typically enough to cover college-related expenses at community colleges and even larger public universities.Look for Private Lenders With Relaxed RequirementsA lot of private lenders do not offer student loans for bad credit, but this doesn't mean that you should give up on private student loans completely. Many people are surprised to find that they can get approved for student loans from private lenders, but searching for a lender that is a bit more flexible than most can help you get approved.Find a CosignerIn many cases, the only way to get student loans for bad credit -- other than federal student loans -- is to apply for a private loan with a cosigner. Your cosigner will need to have good or moderately good credit in many cases in order for you to qualify. Although it might seem strange to ask others to cosign with you for a student loan, you might be surprised by the individuals who will be willing to help you further your education. For best results, consider asking a parent or other family member, a close friend or even an employer if he or she will help you out.

Where can someone get more information on student loan consolidation?

One can get more information on student loan consolidation from many places. These places include the variety of student financial aid businesses such as FastWeb and from the companies who provide the loans.

What options does a cosigner of a student loan have when the signer doesn't pay and won't make any effort to put the loan in forbearance or to consolidate to make the payments more affordable?

I am going through this same thing right now. It appears that their are no options but to pay it. Then you might be able to sue them for the money, but if they don't have it, you wont get it.

Is there a loan for me if i have no cosigner bad credit and no job?

Someone will probably loan you money under those circumstances, but it will be a very expensive loan. You might have to pay twice or more money back at the end of the loan. It would be best to try to live without such a loan.

Why is my student loan reporting a credit limit?

The credit limit is the initial amount of your student loan. It helps keep your student loan from skewing your debt to credit ratio which can lower your credit score and make it more difficult to get credit.

How much will cosigning a student loan lower your credit score?

Hi-Cosigning a loan will not lower your credit score unless payments are late, or if the borrower defaults and you cannot make the payments yourself. A cosigner is equally liable for the loan, so if you cannot make the payments, you should not sign.The way that cosigning will affect your credit report is in your debt-to-income ratio. The loan you cosign will show up as part of your debt, so a lender may not want to loan you more money if it looks like your debts are too high.Something that people often overlook though, is that cosigning a loan can actually improve your credit rating if the borrower makes his payments on time. You will get credit for making payments and paying off this debt as if it were your own.

Can I print out a loan form online for my student loan?

Yes, you can print out the student loan for or you can apply directly online. For more information visit or