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I general, the answer is yes. It the crack comes from the pool moving, and the gunite has cracked, then the gunite has to be repaired before the plaster. Sometimes opening up the gunite crack and refilling with concrete will answer the problem. If movement of the soil is the problem then that has to be fixed first.The soil getting excessivly wet and dry can mean that the pool will move, if it is only part of the pool then there will be a structuaral crack. Only opening up the crack will tell you whether it is a plaster crack or a gunite crack. A replaster is from about $2000 up and structuaral repairs from about $1000

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Q: Can a crack in the plaster of a gunite pool be repaired and if so how effective will the fix be?
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How can you determine if a crack in a gunite pool is surface or if it is structural?

I would think if the the crack is present only in the plaster, and not the tile, it may be surface. If, for instance my pool, has a cracked tile and the crack is extended down the side of the plaster, it is structural.

What if you didn't water your gunite for 2 days?

By Gunite I assume that you were told you have a gunite pool, The gunite part is the foundation of the pool and does not require watering. The surface which is plaster over the top of the gunite needs water. If you just had your pool replastered in the last couple of days it is critical to fill it with water so the plaster can dry. If your plaster is older and been under water before a few days is not going to hurt. Although you do want to get it full of water as soon as possible. Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

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the general idea at the out set is that they don't.

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Yes, with a few easy steps a hairline crack in a crock pot liner can be repaired.

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Difference between plaster and fiberglass pools?

One of the differences between plaster and fiberglass pools is that fiberglass stays smooth. Plaster can become rough. Another difference is that unlike plaster, fiberglass does not chip, and crack.

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Will an empty gunite pool crack due to drying or is it ALWAYS earth shift?

An empty pool in inviting mother nature to float your pool like a boat when the water table is up.the weight of the water keeps the earth from pushing it's way into your pool, Also the plaster over the gunite needs water to stay healthy.The short story always keep water in your pool unless you are going to remove it soon.

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No, it won't.

How do you fix cracks in a plaster wall?

You can fix cracks in a plaster wall by applying joint compound that you can pick up at any hardware or home improvement store. Simply fill the crack with joint compound and smooth until the crack is sealed.

Do you have to replaster the entire pool to fix a crack in the plaster on one area?

No, the plaster can be patched. But how good the patch looks depends on several things like the color of the plaster, its age, and the person doing the patching. New, white plaster would be the easiest to patch while old, colored plaster would be more difficult to do satisfactorily.

What would cause pool crack around the archer on an indoor gunite pool?

Hmmmm, just what is "an archer" ???? You mean a person with a bow and arrow?

For inground pools is liner gunite concrete or fibreglass best?

Our experience shows that gunite or fiberglass are good. Gunite would probably last the longest. CONCRETE tends to crack over years with normal ground shifts. Had two pools with concrete, so many cracks after 10 years, buried the thing, the repair costs were astronomical.

Leaving swimming pool empty in summer harmful to the structure of the pool?

Yes, plaster will dry out and crack.

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