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READ your CONTRACT. You can be repoed whenever you are in DEFAULT.

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Q: Can a credit union in Texas repo an automobile prior to a date stated in 2 formal letters and signed by the bank manager?
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What is formal source of credit?

Formal sources of credit are those sources that provide credit in a transparent and regulated manner. Some formal sources of credit include:

A letter to bank manager format?

When writing a letter to a bank manager, the format should be business formal. This means it includes the date; name, title, and address of the manager; formal salutation; body; and formal closing such as "Sincerely" or "Regards."

Why do you have to know about formal letters?

Formal letters have two addresses in it one of yours and the second to whoom you are sending the letter.

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Formal letters contain the same features as other types of written correspondence. The salutation, closure, and precision wording are the most notable in a formal letter.

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Informal letters are the opposite of formal letters. So informal letters are the letter which are written to our relatives our friends for not a professional or to the point reason. It does not have to be in the format of formal letters.

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Formal source is a Bank loan, Credit Cards. Informal Source - Cash money lent out by Gangsters .

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Some formal sources of credit include (but are not limited) to the following: * Banks and Traditional Financial Institutions * Suppliers (providing credit in the form of an invoice payable after goods or services are received) * Government (through direct lending, subsidies and tax incentives) Formal sources of credit are those sources that provide credit in a transparent and regulated manner.

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The two kinds of personal letters would have to be formal and informal. The informal letters are for friends and not too dependent on structure or names. The formal letter is for business purposes and should be written as such.

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Formal sources of credit have many disadvantages, as they are manages by banks and cooperatives and have no leeway. Informal sources of credit may be easier to repay, but the loan amounts will be smaller.

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The letters which contain a formal request for the supply of goods and services are termed as ORDER LETTERS.

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What receivable is usually evidenced by a formal instrument of credit?

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