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A creditor can garnish wages or attach assets if they have obtained a judgment against the debtor.

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Q: Can a creditor garnish wages and seize money from a bank account in Michigan?
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Can a creditor garnishment my bank account when all the money in it is Federal annuity?

yes, i creditor can garnish a bank account to $0 regardless of where the funds in the account came from

Can creditor garnish child support income from bank account?

The source of money is not the issue here, only that there is a checking account that can be garnished. It does not matter where the money came from.

Does a creditor have to have a court order for garnish a bank account?

Yes. A creditor can not just simply walk into a bank and demand your money. Only a court can have a creditor take money from your bank account. Actually, the court would probably order the bank to pay a certain amount to the creditor from your account rather than give the creditor the right to take money out of your account. A supreme court decision stopped that racket in Arizona.

Can a creditor garnish wages on a bank account of a VA check and Social Security check?

No but you must prove that money in the account came from those sources and not from gainful employment...

Can a creditor take money you win in a law suit for a injury case?

You owe them money. If you have money, the source of that money does not matter, they creditor can place a lien or garnish payments or get a court order for what is owed.

Can collectors garnish money from my spouse's bank account if i am not on the account?

They can if he/she is on the collections account.

Can the state of Michigan garnish money out checking accounts for child support?

The State can place a lien on bank accounts and other assets. The lien freezes the account.

In Pennsylvania can a creditor garnish your social security disability money?

Maybe; best see a lawyer.

If you have a nonperiodic garnishment against you in the state of Michigan can they garnish a joint bank account?

Yes, joint bank accounts are subject to garnishments or levy for debts of any or all of the account holders and regardless of who puts the money in.

How long does it take a creditor to garnish your wages?

Time to GarnishmentThe creditor first has to get permission from the courts to do so. It takes up to two years for the process. But it could take as little as six months. In Texas they can't garnish your wages at all.True, in Texas creditor's can not garnish your wages, but once the money is deposited in to your account, is not wages anymore and yes only after a judgment creditor's can freeze your bank accounts! If you are being sued, contact an attorney and and get legal advice. Filing for Bankruptcy will stopped everything.

What is creditor account with debit balances?

A creditor is an entity that a company owes money to, such as debt to a bank or bondholders. If a creditor has a debit balance, it means that your company paid more than they owed. If there was a credit balance, you would owe money on that account.

Can a creditor take money from your checking account?

It depends. If:you have a monthly loan repayment agreement with the creditor wherein the creditor automatically deducts your monthly payments from your savings account oryou have defaulted on your loan payments for more than 2 or 3 months and haven't contacted the creditor reg. the sameThen, the creditor can withdraw money from your account (if there is any cash available) towards your loan repayment. Otherwise the creditor cannot deduct any money from your account without intimating you.

How will you be able to pay your bills if they garnish your check and you still need more money to make all your bills?

Most states, and even the federal government, will impose a limit on the percentage of your wages that a creditor can garnish. It may not leave you with enough money in your mind, but the intent is that you have something with which to eat. Most states, and even the federal government, will impose a limit on the percentage of your wages that a creditor can garnish. It may not leave you with enough money in your mind, but the intent is that you have something with which to eat.

Can you make payments to a creditor who froze your bank account?

Payments can be made from out of the frozen accounts simply by authorizing the bank to transfer the money in the frozen account directly to the creditor.

If someone files for bankruptcy can the Credit Card company take money out of your checking account to try and retrieve some of the debt after they were informed you were filing bankruptcy?

No, once a bankruptcy is filed an automatic "stay" is in place, and creditors cannot pursue any collection action. Even outside of bankruptcy, a creditor cannot arbitrarily garnish a debtor's bank account. The creditor needs to file and win a lawsuit, be granted a judgment and then enforce the judgment as a bank account garnishment.

Can a collection agency garnish a prepaid debit card?

Start paying people/companies you owe money and you won't have to worry about things like this. And yes, they can if they know you have an account. In California we no longer need to know the account number, just where you bank and the sheriff can take the writ of execution from the creditor that you owe money and take every penny they deserve.

Can they garnish all the money you have in your bank account?

A judgment creditor can levy a bank account for the entire amount granted by the judgment. This means if the amount equals or exceeds the balance of the account all the funds can be seized. The rules for enforcement of a bank account levy will vary throughout US states, the judgment debtor should seek legal advice to determine his or her legal options in such matters.

When a creditor levies your accounts and does not get all the money owed can they garnish your wages in the State of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. However, the judgment creditor can renew the bank levy and continue to attach the account until the debt is paid or until the judgment levy becomes invalid. The debtor who has his or her account levied, should research all the state, (and in some cases federal) statutes/ laws concerning the action to determine if the judgment levy is, indeed valid.

What property can a judgment creditor attach if you do not own real property or vehicles and the only money in your checking account is from regular wages?

They can garnish your wages. Texas only allows a judgment creditor to garnish wages if the creditor has no other options available to execute the judgment. A judgment creditor can levy a bank account including a joint account or a joint marital account. Regular earned income (wages) deposited into a bank account are NOT exempt from creditor seizure. The creditor may also seize and liquidate any non exempt assets belonging to the debtor (bonds, stocks, jewelry, livestock, a specified amount of tools of trade, in some cases household furnishings, etc). Texas is a community property state, therefore, it might be possible for the judgment creditor to seize joint marital property even if only one spouse is the debtor. Some income, however, cannot be attached by creditors or persons who prevail in a lawsuit. For example, disability income, Social Security income and military retirement income cannot be garnished or attached by a creditor.

Can a creditor garnish your wages for a vehicle that they have repossessed?

Yes. There's a process they have to follow, which includes getting a court judgment against you. If you don't hold to that judgment (which is usually paying back the money owed), they can ask the court to garnish your wages.

Can a credit card that you had in your personal name but a lien on your corporate business account?

yes. the creditor can put a lien on anything that may be counted as your assets. if your corporate business account is one of your assets, the creditor can try to recover their money from that account.

Can anyone garnish money from a checking account of the authorized user?

Usually only after they have obtained a money judgment and a writ of execution from an official. In California, you get the judgment first then the writ of execution to attach the accounts, then the sheriff's office serves the writ on the bank. If you were to try and hide your bank account information from creditors, the creditor can force you to tell them by dragging you into court under an order of examination process. If you lie to the creditor and they find out after you've completed the order of examination, you can be held in contempt and jailed for up to 6 months in county jail.

What is the most money someone can garnish from your bank account at one time?

That depends on your state's laws.

Can you sue a creditor for taking money out of your account without your consent?

You can't if you owe the creditors

Does the creditor have to get a court order each time they levy money out of an account once they took money out the first time?

It depends on the circumstance. If for the same account or debt then no, the creditor has the right to exercise said levy until restitution is made upon that debt. If there are multiple debts with the same creditor, each debt should carry its on legal action unless consolidated by court, or your personal agreement with the creditor.