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Q: Can a daughter adopt her immigrant father if he is not a US citizen?
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Is it legal to adopt a us citizen if you are an illegal immigrant?


Can a us citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in IL?


Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon. Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in New Mexico?

No. An adult cannot adopt another adult.

Can you adopt a 30-year-old immigrant?

No. In the US adults regardless of their citizen status cannot be adopted. A legal immigrant can be sponsored by a US citizen for permanent residency and citizenship.

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

if you can actually adopt him yea

How do you adopt your wifes child if the biological father is not a us citizen?

The biological father have to give up his parental rights or this will not be possible. If he is an illegal immigrant he can still have paternal rights in the US. Once his rights are terminated you can apply for adoption.

Can your father adopt your daughter without your consent?

absolutely not, no one can adopt any one without the proper court orders

Can your husband adopt your daughter when her father isn't in the picture?

Yes with her biological fathers consent.

Can you adopt your girlfriends daughter if there is no record of who the father is?

I would say you can, because my friends moms boyfriend adopted her.Yes, you can adopt your girlfriend's daughter even if the father lives in the same town or city and refuses to pay child support or see his child.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in new jerseye?

The citizen CAN adopt the illegal, but that adoption CANNOT be used to make the adoptee LEGAL. Only when the adoption is completed BEFORE the adoptee turns 16 years old will the adoptee be able to receive any immigration benefit.

I married the mother of child whose father is illegal alien. mother is u s citizen. can I adopt?


Can a non-US citizen with legal work visa adopt in the US?

No, a non legal citizen with a legal work permit can not adopt in the US. The person may adopt once they become a legal citizen.

Can an American citizen adopt a legal immigrant and if so would that child get citizenship and or a green card?

Yes, but the child will have to follow steps in immigration procedures and apply for naturalization later.

Does your boyfriend and you have to be married before he can adopt your daughter?

Hey! No he dosent, He can adopt a daughter if he is single or married.

Can you adopt your step daughter?

If the biological father relinquishes his parental rights and the court agrees and allows the adoption to proceed.

How can you legally adopt your girlfriends daughter when her father is not around?

You'll need a lawyer to do this; you should ask them what steps are needed.

Did Rhianna adopt a daughter?

No she did not.

What steps need to be taken if you want to adopt your wife's daughter but the father is alive?

the birth father would have to surrender all parental rights. then apply for adoption.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal?

Dude No

Your best friend died when her daughter was 5 and has been raised by her her father and now she wants to petition the court for you to adopt her to become her legal mother is this possible?

No. The girl can not petition the court for you to adopt her. It would be possible for her father to give her up for adoption and you to adopt her. She, however, can not change the situation on her own.

Can an American citizen adopt a legal immigrant adult?

Can anyone clarify the question? To my understanding, an adult cannot be adopted, regardless of citizenship status... An adult can not be adopted. Perhaps the questioner is thinking of sponsor?

Your husband wants to adopt your daughter but her biological father is in the picture?

Then unless the biological father is ok with this and signs his rights over, the new husband has no legal rights to the child.

Can an illegal US citizen adopt?

If you're illegal you're not a citizen -- not hard really

Can an adult US citizen adopt a citizen of Canada?

Ya know, I'm not sure.