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No, It is illegal for them to even suggest they can have your license revoked or have you arrested.

Get informed! Read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act booklet from the Federal Government. It tells you what collectors can and can't do. It also tells you what to do if they break the law while trying to collect from you.

Remember, debt collectors MUST stop contacting you by phone if you request it by FAX or mail. Send a FAX or a letter with PROOF OF DELIVERY, to prove you sent the request. After they receive it, they must stop calling you and your family. They can only contact you by mail after that. Report them to the FTC if they don't stop.

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Q: Can a debt collector have your drivers license revoked?
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Can your drivers license be suspended for a bad debt in New Zealand?


Can a law firm take your drivers license for a credit debt?

It is my understanding in Illinois that the Secretary of State who issues drivers' licenses is the only body that can revoke a drivers' license.

What is the duration of The Debt Collector?

The duration of The Debt Collector is 1.82 hours.

Does a law firm have to obtain a license to be a debt collector and what agency gives them license?

In most jurisdictions, law firms may take steps to collect debts without any special license. They do have to abide by the debt collection laws for the jurisdiction.

When was The Debt Collector created?

The Debt Collector was created on 1999-06-25.

When was The Debt Collector - novel - created?

The Debt Collector - novel - was created in 2007.

If one collection agency buys your debt and charges interest and then sells it to another debt collector can that new debt collector collect on the old interest?

Yes. The new debt collector bought the entire debt, including interest that was added on. You will be responsible for the entire debt.

Can a debt collector call police to collect a debt?


If neither the original creditor nor the debt collector has your Social Security number can the debt collector use some means find your number and attach it to the debt?

Yes. There are hundreds of databases available to a debt collector where they could find your SSN.

What is the ISBN of The Debt Collector novel?

The ISBN of The Debt Collector - novel - is 978-1-59705-856-8.

Is a debt collector job a good career?

There is no special education, or sklls to be a debt collector. However, you would have to be of certain character to be an effective debt collector. You must not be too sensitive, and have good communication skills.

What may debt collectors do?

can a debt collector come to your house to collect a debt

What is another name for a bill collector that starts with a D?

debt collector

What can you do if debt collector is overcharging your checking account on what you agreed?

If the debt collector is authorized to do a debit withdrawl then there is documentation that you signed authorizing same. If the documentation you signed with the debt collector does not match with the amount being withdrawled from your account, notify your bank immediatly of the fraudulent transactions. Take the documents to the bank. Do not prewarn the debt collector that you are doing this.

Can an out of state debt collector sue you?

Yes, an out of state debt collector can sue you. Many debt collection agencies collect for companies located all over the country.

How do you get a debt collector to stop calling?

"If a collector contacts you about a debt, you may want to talk to them at least once to see if you can resolve the matter - even if you don't think you owe the debt, can't repay it immediately, or think that the collector is contacting you by mistake. If you decide after contacting the debt collector that you don't want the collector to contact you again, tell the collector - in writing - to stop contacting you. Here's how to do that: Make a copy of your letter. Send the original by certified mail, and pay for a "return receipt" so you'll be able to document what the collector received. Once the collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact or to let you know that they or the creditor intend to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit. Sending such a letter to a debt collector you owe money to does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact. The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt. "

If a debt collector puts a lien on your house does that mean your mortgage co forecloses your house?

It does not follow. The lien of the debt collector comes after the mortgage loan. Which means that the debt collector still may not be able to collect any money.

Can an Ohio debt collector garnish your spouses income in Michigan if the debt was originated in Michigan-Are they bound to Ohio law or Michigan law?

The rule is the debt collector is bound by the laws of the state the collection action is being taken in. If the debt collector is not licensed or authorized in that state, it cannot legally act to collect the debt. Check with your state agency that licenses debt collectors. The debt collector can retain a local attorney to collect the debt, of course, and that would be under Michigan Law.

What are options with a bill collector?

A bill collector may reduce the debt you owe or offer you a lower percentage rate. Usually you can work with them and pay off your debt for a percentage of that debt.

What is the Difference between an attorney and debt collector?

A debt collector is a person who collects debts owed to other people. An attorney is a person qualified to represent parties in a court, and who is specially trained in the law. A debt collector can be an attorney, but need not be one.

Can a debt collector call your place of employment 15 times a day?

Can a debt collector call a place of employment and demand to speak with the debtor?

Is it legal for a debt collector to refuse to respond to me and if so can they report my debt and lower my credit score if they won't disclose my debt information.?

No, a debt collector must legally tell you what kind of debt you owe and how much debt you owe. You can consult an attorney for more details.

How long can a debt collector come after you in the state of Oregon?

A debt collector can come after you until the debt is satisfied. However, most will to persist beyond 3 years and few will persist after 7.

Can Michigan pensions be garnished by a debt collector?

Not if it is creditor debt, such as credit cards.

What are the responsibilities of a debt collector?

the collector role is to make the customer pay for late bills