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Q: Can a doctor refuse to return patient information forms if the patient decides not to be seen or treated by this new doctor?
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Who decides when a workers compensation patient returns to work?

The doctor

What is a person called who is being treated by a doctor?

a patient

What do you call some one who is getting treated by a doctor?


When a doctor should have treated a patient but did not it can sometimes be called this?

Neglegance. :)

What age can a kid be treated by a doctor without an adult?

the doctor decides wheather or not the parent needs to know whats going on

Can a doctor sued for malpractice reveal medical information about patient?

A doctor can be sued for breaking doctor/patient confidentiality.

The doctor was treating the patient Is the sentence in an active or passive voice?

The active voice. The subject of the sentence ('the doctor') is the 'doer' of the action of the verb ('was treating'). If it were in the passive voice it would read 'The patient was being treated by the doctor.' The subject of the sentence ('the patient') would be the 'recipient' of the action of the verb ('was being treated').

Where does a doctor examen a patient?

A doctor asks the patient to describe the reason for their visit. From that information, the doctor will examine the areas of the body pertinent to the complaint.

What is the french name for the term 'patient'?

patient (someone displaying patience / or someone treated at the doctor's) is spelled the same in French.

Who should be given patient information and under what circumstances?


While a patient is having surgery his doctor notices a small mole The doctor doesn't think the mole is anything to worry about but he decides to remove it to perform a biopsy What is the doctor gu?


Can a Doctor Who drops a patient inform other doctors not to take this person as a new patient?

He can recommend them not to accept the new patient but he can not share information as to why. And a doctor most-likely wouldn't do this.