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"Ex felon"? Either you're a felon, or you're not. If you are, then you can have a firearm you owned legally prior to your conviction sold for you, but you cannot legally be in possession of that firearm at any point after your conviction.

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Q: Can a ex felon sale a gun to a gun store in Texas?
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Can a felon in Texas have a paintball gun?

Yes. A paintball gun is not considered a firearm therefore a felon can purchase a paintball gun in Texas.

Convicted felon carry a gun in Texas?

Not legally. In the U.S. a felon cannot own or possess a gun.

Is it illegal for a felon to live in a house with a gun in Texas?

It isn't illegal for the felon to live in the house, but it is illegal for the felon to have any access to the gun.

In Texas can a spouse of a convicted felon own gun if they keep it in gun safe in home?

The general answer is yes, the spouse of a felon can owna gun as long as the felon has no access to it.

Can a felon work in a gun store in Florida?

No it is illegal.

Can you carry a gun on your property unconcealed in Texas?

Not if you are a convicted felon.

Can a convicted felon possess a pellet or bb gun in the state of Texas?

Is it illegal for a convicted felon to posess a pellet or b b gun?

Can a Californian ex felon own a gun for hunting in Texas?

No an ex felon can't own a gun , and if so it would have to be a non violent felony

What are some regulations which any gun store in Texas must follow when making a sale?

Gun laws in Texas are some of the most relaxed in the United States. A gun store in Texas can sell a gun to anyone as long as they meet the necessary requirements. For a rifle or shot gun, one must be at least 18 years old and 21 if it is a hand gun. In both cases one must also be a resident of Texas.

How can a felon in Texas own a gun?

They can't. Not in Texas, nor in any state or territory of the United States.

Can a felon get a concealed handgun license in Texas?

Generally speaking, no. A felon cannot own or even possess a handgun, and no state will knowningly issue a handgun permit to a felon. The exception to that is, if the felon has had his or her rights restored, they can own a gun and get a gun permit.

In Virgina can a spouse of a convicted felon own gun?

A spouse of a convicted felon can certainly own a gun in any state. I would highly recommend that the gun is not kept anywhere where the convicted felon can have access to it (do not keep it in the same home, it would be best to store it at a gun club or similar). If the gun is kept where the felon can have access, it will be easy to claim that you had posession of the gun and posession of any gun by a convicted felon is illegal under federal law.

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