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The fact that a parent is seeing someone else before a divorce takes place should have no impact on custody whatsoever, unless the other parent feels that the third party would have a negative impact on the child, or would endanger the child in any way. As each case is judged individually, you need to get a lawyer.

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Q: Can a father get custody of a child during a divorce if the mother is seeing someone before the divorce?
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How does temporary custody get set up during a divorce in Michigan?

Ordinarily, a trial court will enter "temporary orders" for custody, visitation, and child support, while the divorce is pending.

Does a residential parent need to be assigned in a divorce?

If the couple has minor children, legal custody must be an issue decided during the divorce proceeding. The court must issue an order regarding custody.

What if a parent has a child tape record another parent during custody divorce issues?

Consult an attorney.

How can a father get full custody of his child after a divorce with the mother who is sixteen?

The father will have to take the mother of the child back to court if the divorce is already finalized. Custody should have been determined during the divorce so if 1 party wants to change that, they will have to take the other person back to court again.

What are some reasons that someone would need a child custody lawyer?

The most obvious reason an individual may need to hire a child custody lawyer would be if he or she is the parent of a child who wishes to get or maintain custody during a divorce or other legal case. But child advocates who are not parents can also hire a custody attorney to act in the child's best interest - often the court mandates that this be done, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction.

Sentence with word visitation?

During the divorce proceedings, the wife got custody of the children but the husband still has visitation rights on weekends.

What is the easiest way to file for divorce in Oregon and how can we dispute custody?

The easiest way is an Agreed Divorce. Agreed Divorce , defined by Oregon divorce guidelines and Oregon divorce laws, is a scenario where the spouses agree on the terms of the divorce such as Oregon property distribution, Oregon child support, or Oregon child custody. 75% of people who wants to divorce prefer the Agreed Divorce method and both spouses sign the divorce papers and are agreed to the terms of divorce. Determining child custody in Oregon divorce cases tends to be more simple than in cases where the parents were never married. The best case scenario, the one that we usually aim for, is the "joint legal custody" scenario. In this case, both parents retain equal decision-making rights over the children. A typical parenting plan has one parent with primary physical custody and the other parent with scheduled parenting time (visitation). An average schedule is one where the children live at one house during the week and then the parent's split the weekends evenly. Sometimes there are weekdays visits in

Can you still divorce if you lived together during your legal separation in NY?

You will have to live seperately for a full year before the divorce.

Do a joint custody father has the right to spend time with his son during the summer if he lives out of state?

YES, if the summer visitation is written in the divorce decree.

What rights does someone have during a divorce?

Someone undergoing a divorce are entitled to rights that protect themselves and any children they may have. They are entitled to being protected from being intimidated, harassed or abused physically.

Can a married man get engaged?

He can, since there is no legality involved. However, life and expectations are so much better if the man has his final divorce decree before making such a commitment to someone else. The period during and for awhile after divorce can be an emotional roller coaster.

In what way did legal rights for women expand in Europe and the US during the 19th century?

Women became more likely to win custody of children after a divorce

What are the signs of Controlling girlfriend during a divorce?

The signs of a controlling girlfriend during a divorce include her wanting everything her own way, such as having all the rights over property and finances. If you have children together, she may also insist that the children live with her and might not be willing to share custody.

I want out of my marriage and my husband won't let me out. Is there a way to get divorced and figure out the custody of our children and financial situations after we are divorced.?

You can go to court and file for divorce without his permission. Then once its started during the proceedings the custody and financial info will be decided.

Can a husband who didn't pay child support to his first wife get custody of the child of his second wife during divorce?

There are various reasons for not paying, including not being ordered to, however it is not a consideration in determining the best interest of the child in a custody case.

Can you date or live with someone in California during a divorce case?

its considered poor taste, but yes.

What are you entitled to in a divorce after only a year and a half of marriage?

During a divorce you are entitled to half of all assets that were acquired during the marriage. You are not entitled to anything that was owned before the marriage took place.

Is Britney Spears is on drugs?

Currently not - However she had a battle with drink and drugs in 2005-2009 during the loss of custody of her children and the divorce between her and ex- Kevin Federline.

If verbal agreement on child support amount was the choice between both parents during the divorce and custody case can it be considered to be a court order?

Only if approved by the court.

what determines who gets custodial custody of the children during a divorce in texas?

This is usually the mother, unless there is a history of drug or alcohol use, mental instability or child abuse.

Is there any spousal support provided before a divorce gets finalized?

Temporary Alimony is spousal support that is paid during a separation but before the divorce becomes final. This type of alimony may ultimately be continued after the divorce but not necessarily. In some cases, the alimony stops altogether when the divorce becomes final.

How long does an uncontested divorce take in Michigan?

This will depend on whether there were children born during the marriage. If there are children, there is a 6 month waiting period before the divorce can be finalize. If there are no children, it's only a 2 month waiting period before the divorce can be finalized.

Can father have visitation rights with children under two years of age if the pregnancy comes to fruition during divorce proceedings?

Regardless of when a pregnancy or divorce occurs, both parents have equal rights to their children. In most cases, you can separate divorce proceedings from custody proceedings, but this will depend on the court system where you live.

If a Common law couple has a son mom is abusing alcohol dad has baby and kicked mom out can dad get sole custody?

Sure, it is possible. It is something that will be discussed during divorce.

Who pays for clothes for kids during divorce?

The custodial parent in a divorce who receives child support typically is the one responsible for buying clothes, school supplies and other items. For parents who have a shared physical custody than they must decide who is responsible to pay.