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Yes, a paperless fax machine will receive the fax digitally instead of just immediately printing it out.

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Q: Can a fax be sent from a paper fax machine to a paperless fax machine?
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Do you have to have paper in your fax machine to send out a fax?

No. You can send a fax without paper. If you switch on to internet faxing, you will not even need a fax machine.

How do you know if a fax has been sent?

Your fax machine should print out a paper that tells you the result. If its sent and if the other persons fax machine picked it up it should say file type: sent and result: ok. If the other person did not recieve it still would say file type sent but result :no answer

What is the difference between a memo and a fax?

A memo can be in any form, on paper, fax, email, text and is a message to people. A fax is any document sent or received via a fax machine.

Which direction does the paper feed in fax machine to send out fax on a sharp fax machine?

In the paper feeder section there is an icon that will instruct you on how to feed the paper properly.

How can you send a fax from a fax machine?

Feed the fax file in fax machine, dial the fax number then after a ring tone press send. Then Fax will be sent.

What do you need to use fax machine?

With fax machine, you need a dedicated phone line,paper,ink or toner and huge storage space for fax documents. There is a faxing technology right now that uses the internet in sending and receiving fax documents. This is a paperless technology since all fax documents are stored in your online account. All you need to have is an internet connected PC and a provider.

What does no recording paper mean on a fax machine?

It means the fax machine needs paper to print onto. Add some paper to the part of the machine, and it should function again.

How does a wireless fax machine work?

The data will not be sent directly into other end fax machine, instead, it goes to the computer then forwarded to internet fax service server, then sent to recipient fax machine. Wireless fax machine is only applicable for internet faxing just like extremefax.

How does a fax machine work?

The fax machine has a sensor or scanner which sees where there is dark and light on the page, reading it as dots/lines. This is sent through the phone line. The machine at the receiving end transfers these dots/lines onto paper.

How do you load the paper in fax machine?

To load paper to be sent as a fax: look for a little icon in the document feeder - it symbolizes a piece of paper with writing on one side, with a small part of it folded over. To load paper in the paper tray - there is usually a tray near the bottom of the machine used for holding blank paper to be printed on.

How was a double sided fax sent to you on your HP 1240?

Other than a setting on your machine, the only idea I have is that the second side has no connection to the fax, especially if you recycle your paper.

What does sending fax mean?

The term "Fax" refers to a FACSIMILE.Its a system of transmitting and reproducing graphic materials like printing or still pictures by means of signals sent over telephone lines.Sending a fax means that you are sending a fax from one location to another. A fax is a digital transmission of a (or multiple) sheet of paper. One fax machine scans the paper, then sends the transmission over a phone line to another fax machine, that prints out that piece of paper.The term "sending fax" is often used by fax machines when the fax transmission is in the process of being sent.

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