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Can a felon become a nurse?


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December 06, 2011 10:53PM

maybe if you lie, and then pray they don't do a background check, kinda depends on what you did and if you served serious time

You do not have to lie and pray. Although praying is good. You have to be honest and willing to do whatever the board of nursing requires. I am quite positive that if the felony is violent against another person that you can not become a nurse, however, it may depend on the length of time passed, and exactly what it was. You would need to check with the board in your state. And the school, the board and any employer WILL do a background check, so lying will do you absolutely no good and will ensure the answer of the board will be NO. Everyone and I mean everyone makes mistakes, some get caught while others who spout off nonsense have not been caught! So hold your head high, face the board and be honest. A felony does not have to rule your future and does not mean you are a bad person! So you above should look up regs before spouting