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Yes, the cannot however legally posses a gun.

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Yes U can carry a Pocket Knife in certain parts of Texas legally.

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Q: Can a felon carry a pocket knife in Alabama?
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Does Ross Lynch carry a pocket knife?

Ross Lynch does carry a pocket knife, but doesn't talk about it.

What is the legal length of pocket knife for felon?

12 Inches...

Can you carry a knife in Arizona if you are a felon?

Of course

How are you supposed to hang your pocket knife on your pocket does it hang inside or outside?

If the knife is on the inside of the pocket, it is concealed and must follow concealed carry laws. if it is on the outside, it is open carry. As long as it's lawful, you can carry it either way. I personally carry the knife on the inside of my pocket.

Why do some men carry a pocket knife?

Pocket knives are useful tools.

Can you carry a spring loaded knife in North Carolina as a convicted felon?


Why is it dangerous too carry a pocket knife?

Because it is

Can you carry a pocket knife in Colombia?

Not over 6in

What are the Kentucky knife laws?

Knife laws in Kentucky are as follows. A knife is considered a concealed deadly weapon if it is kept in your pocket or other area where the object is covered. You may carry a Ordinary pocket knife / hunting knife on your person and in your pocket by law. Though no law exists defining ordinary pocket knife / hunting knife leading people to be charged anyways. Balisong's and switchblades are not specifically prohibited by law but are frowned upon. To carry your knife unconcealed you may carry it in a knife sheath that is on your belt with your shirt not covering it. You may also carry your knife in your pocket if it is in the box and you have the receipt on you. -Information Derived from - Personal experience and arrest for carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

Can you carry a pocket knife in ny?

You can own one, and keep it in your home as an antique, but you can't carry it.

Can you carry a 3 inch pocket knife in Louisiana?

In louisiana you can carry a machete and it's legal

Can I carry a 3 inch locking blade knife in your pocket in Snohomish County?

no you can not