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If you are a federally convicted felon - no. If you are a state convicted felon you

wil lhave to research the expungement law for your state.

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Q: Can a felon get their gun rights to own a gun in the state of Maine back?
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Can a felon get his gun rights back?

Sometimes, yes, it does vary from state-to-state. But only if the felon is guilty of a state offense. If you are convicted of a federal offense there is no mechanism to getting his or her rights restored.

How can you a felon get your gun rights back?

You have to petition a court to review your case, if it is a state level felony and if your state allows it. If it is a federal charge, you cannot get your rights back.

Can a felon get their gun rights back?


How does a convicted felon get gun rights back?

Start by hiring an attorney- you will need one to petition for restoration of rights. The process varies state to state.

How can a felon restore their voting rights?

This is going to depend on your state laws. In times past, felons never did get their voting rights back.

How can a felon get his gun rights back in pa?

A felon can never get a gun back, once a felon you may never own a gun.

Can i get my gun rights back if i am a ex felon from another state?

Suspension of the right to own firearms is a Federal matter, not a state matter.

Can hunting rights be reinstated for a felon?

can I in the state of Missouri with a non violent felony conviction 10 years ago get my hunting rights back

Can you get your gun rights back if im a convicted felon?

please .

How do you get your rights back if you are a convicted felon?

gotta go to courthouse for that

How does a felon in Alabama get his voting rights and gun rights back?

Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer. Get a lawyer.

How much is it for a felon to get gun rights back?

If you are a federally convicted felon there is no way. No mechanism exists to restore firearm rights to convicted federal felons.If you are state convicted - it depends entirely on which state you live in and/or which state convicted you. SOME states will restore limited firearm rights - others will not restore them at all.Your best course of action is contact an attorney in your state for consultation.

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