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I don't think so. I read that adult female parakeets noses are brown and that adult male parakeets noses are blue. But, young female parakeet's noses are "bluish" and a young male parakeet's nose is pink.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-07 04:32:02
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Q: Can a female parakeet nose turn blue?
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What causes a nose to turn blue?


Does a girl parakeet have a blue Ceres?

yes but only when it's born in a month it should turn brown

What does it mean when a parakeet's face turn pink?

it means that the parakeet is a girl.

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What color beak does a female parakeet have?

It is not the beak that use to tell the gender. The cere above the beak at 6 months will normally turn dark on a males but not a females

Will a bi blue puppy pink nose turn black?

No, I does not turn black at all. It first turns purple and the becomes a rainbow.

Why does your pet parakeet turn white?

its getting old

Will a male parakeet ever have the same color beak as a female?

The sex can be identified not by the color of the beak, but the color of the cere- the strip of nasal tissue above the beak. Up until 4 months of age, they are all light pinkish. As the birds mature, male birds' ceres will turn blue/ purple. So, yes, when they are babies, they are the same color.

How long does it take for a baby parakeet to turn into an adult?

Takes about 8months🐦🐤🐔

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Why is my parakeet's face turning red?

Where does it turn red? If it is the cere (nose) then this means the bird is not in a breeding mood (both genders). my budgie was doing this when he was a few months old. if the face is turning red where the feathers are maybe he has a skin condition and you may need to take him to an avian vet

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Why would a parakeet's head feathers turn orange?

mabey there sick or mabey they have a swolen head.

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How long does a baby parakeet take to turn into an adult parakeet?

About 3 weeks untill it grows feathers. 3-6 monthes for it to fully grow and mature, but it usually does not mate untill it is at least 1 year in age.

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