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yes it can because there are some footprints on the moon left by the astronauts

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Q: Can a footprint be left on the moon?
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What was left behind on moon?

a footprint

Who put their footprint on the moon?

The 12 Apollo astronauts have left their footprints on the moon.

Can you see the moon footprint?

The first footprint of a man in the moon is still visible. Photos of the footprint were also taken during the first mission to the moon and a USA flag placed at the landing site.

Is Neil Armstrong footprint still on the moon?

yes it is still on the moon.

What does a footprint look like on the moon?

Due to there being no wind on the moon, as there is no atmosphere, it can be safe to assume that a footprint on the moon would look like a normal footprint, but wouldn't be affected by wind or rain. Therefore it would stay around indefinately. Basicly, its just a perpetualy fresh footprint.

Why does a footprint never disappear on the moon?

there is no wind

What misson did neil arstrong go on?

Neil Armstrong went on a mission to the moon and he marked his footprint on it so he was the first man ever to step on the moon( his left foot was the first to touch the moon)

A footprint left in a river bank is an example of what type of fossil?

A footprint left in a river bank is an example of a cast fossil. Over time, the footprint fills in with sediment and hardens, leaving a casting of the footprint.

How can you make a footprint on the moon?

Yes! Of course you can though the footprint will stay there forever because there is no wind.

Can you leave a footprint on the moon?

Yeah probably I think...

How quickly does a footprint erode on the moon?

it doesn't, there is no wind

What is meant by human footprint?

The meaning of the human footprint is the foot marks left on the ground.

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