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Yes, if she's ovulating, or begins to ovulate within the next two days, it's possible.

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Q: Can a girl get pregnant if a guy entered her for a couple of seconds and noticed when he pulled out that inside the bottom of his penis as far down as his testicles there was pre-ejaculate?
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Are girls suposed to have a smaller looking version of a man's penis and testicles?

yes no i hav never noticed

How did the dragon know that Bilbo had entered hobbit?

He noticed that one goblet of his had been stolen.

Is leigh allyn baker pregnant again?

yea i noticed tht on a episode after the baby was born for show tht she looked pregnant and she is

Can you have pregnancy symptons and not be pregnant?

i have three times noticed that i have all symptoms of pregnancy .every time my periods delay for 15 days and above .but i was not pregnant

Do you have hot and cold flash when you are pregnant?

I am pregnant with our fourth and have hot and cold flashes. I am 40.4 years of age. I noticed that with our first child at 32 that I had more hot than cold flashes. At 34 with our second, I noticed nothing concerning hot and cold flashes. With our third boy, I noticed both hot and cold flashes at about the same rate as I do now at 7 weeks.

Does it mean what if your pregnant if you feel nausea for about 5 months?

Highly unlikely. If you have been pregnant for five months you would have noticed other changes by now.

How do you know if your testicles have died or have stopped working?

Testicles do not normally die or stop working unless by invasive illness or trauma. Testicles produce hormones all your life, they can however, reduce their capacity to produce hormones at around 45 years old or because of some disorders. If this happens, it can be noticed by loss of energy, drying of the skin, thinning of body hair, reduced capacity to produce semen and reduced capacity for erection.

What causes round ligament pain if you are not pregnant?

I think I am having round ligament pain on my left side and I am not pregnant. Is this possible? My doctor noticed a cyst on my ovary on the left side.

If you haven't noticed light bleeding for implantation could you still be pregnant?

Yes, not all women have implantation bleeding.

Me and my boyfriend had sex. the condom got stuck in me i took it out and noticed there was no cum in it whats the chances of me being pregnant?

About 99%!

Can you be pregnant even though you have bleeding?

yes, my auntie was still having her periods and didnt know that she was pregnant till she noticed symptoms like milk leaking boobs enlargement etc.

Your dragon is 8 weeks and today you noticed he is turning yellow and is not eating is he sick?

Probably,yes.Mostly if an animal looks like its sick it means its pregnant,but males cant be pregnant,its probably dieing

Can you get a girl pregnant at 12?

Yes if you have hit puberty which you may not have noticed that you have yet. Only have sex if you are using protection and is ready for the consequences.

When do your aureoles get darker in pregnancy?

This was actually the 1st thing (apart from being late) that I actually noticed before I even knew I was pregnant.

What are the symptoms of being 2- 3 weeks pregnant?

At two to three weeks pregnant, there's rarely many symptoms noticeable at all. You may have noticed slight spotting( implantation bleeding) or a missed period.

What does detected mean?

Detected means found, sensed, noticed. "As I entered the kitchen, my nose detected the smell of fresh baked cookies."

Can you easliy get pregnant wen you get off any kind of birth control i was depo den the pill in a month me and my bf been having unprotect sex can i be pregnant?

if you've been having sex for a few months and you haven't noticed your belly getting larger then no you aren't pregnant.

You have dne a hpt an it was posetive and went to drs same day they confirmed that you are pregnant but you were very early in the pregnancy 5 days later you have noticed light pink discharge why?

i have done a hpt and have ben to the doctors and both confirmed that i am pregnant but the dr did say that i am fairly early in the pregnancy 5 days later i noticed light pink discharge should i be worried

Can you b pregnant if you conceived exactly may 7th and its may 27th now and you been getting pregnancy symptoms?

Yes. If you conceived then you are pregnant. Unless you had a miscarriage but you would probably have noticed this. Get a pregnancy test from a shop and see. Once you have done that, if it turns out you are pregnant, go and see a doctor.

Could you be pregnant if feel small bump in stomach?

By the time you feel the baby you are already in the second trimester so I doubt you are that far along and have not noticed.

I didn't get my period in January and february...then my period came very heavy than usual in for April I'm 9 days late and just noticed a brown discharge.Am i pregnant?

It could be that you are pregnant, although more likely that you were pregnant and then miscarried. Do a pregnancy test and if positive, see your Dr.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period between the 1-3 of every month but you have noticed some of the early signs like being sick and getting headaches?

You may be pregnant if sexually active. Do a test when your period is late.

When i went to the toilet this morning i noticed a small amount of red blood on the toilet roll. I am 19 weeks pregnant is this normal What should i do?

You should go to your doctor

Your wife is 6 weeks pregnant and has noticed brown spotting and What should we do and Is she experiencing a miscarriage?

u need to take her to the doctors or Emergency Room As Soon As Posible

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