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The hymen play no part in getting pregnant. It can be whole and semen is inserted on a finger and you can get pregnant. If you have intercourse unprotected there is always a risk for pregnancy whether it's your first time or not.


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yes she has to already of had her period to get pregnant and the hymen has to broken too

A girl gets pregnant by having semen in her vagina. Breaking the hymen can be done by just your fingers, and can a finger really get you pregnant?(;

Basically, a woman can only get pregnant after the hymen is broken.

if the girl is bleeding it's probably broken!

No, once the hymen is broken in a 10 or 12 year old girl is will remain broken.

You can get pregnant any time you have sexual intercourse. The hymen is irrelevant in this matter.

You can still get pregnant without your hymen being broken. The hymen is just a piece of skin - it doesn't prevent pregnancy

A girl cannot get pregnant if the hymen is still intact. Penetration and ejaculation have to occur for pregnancy. A girl cannot get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat or bathing in a tub.

Usually the hymen once broken, will make the girl bleed only once.

No. Once the hymen has broken, it's broken for good.

if her hymen had already been broken by another way, she doesn't have a hymen, or the guys penis is small enough that it didn't reach her hymen

Not sure what you consider a 'premature girl', but any female that has sex will typically break the hymen. In many cases the hymen may already be broken.

The hymen cannot be broken, it can be stretched or torn as a result of vaginal penetration. A little girl can tear her own hymen if she masturbates using vaginal penetration and isn't gentle enough.

After intercourse the hymen is broken and the girl will bleed.

she has sex and if the hymen is still intact it is broken out of the way.

It is possible due to the fact that, in many instances, the hymen is not a complete barrier, but contains holes in it where semen may pass.

The hymen does not cover the entrance completely so if semen comes on it or inside you can get pregnant.

Unless she was made pregnant by IVF, her hymen would have to have been broken to become pregnant in the first place. How can you still be a virgin if you are pregnant? Think it through.

If you have had intercourse then your hymen (a skin inside the vagina) has been broken and yes, once this happens you stand a high rate of getting pregnant.

Yes, there is always a possibility of pregnancy anytime the penis comes into contact with the vagina

The hymen, assuming you were born with one or it has not broken yet, will not protect you from anything. It's just a remnant from the time in the womb. If you have had intercourse you risk pregnancy as well if the sperm have somehow ended up inside you by fingers for example.

No....unless you see a doctor about sperm donarage.

For someone to get pregnant the sperm has to come inside so if that didn't happen, no you can not be pregnant. The hymen does not protect you from getting sperm in though since you can still be a virgin if he had fingers inside of you and they had sperm on them.

Having one's hymen broken can be painful so it is possible you could cry.

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