Can a girl get pregnant if there was semen on your fingers and you wiped them off before you put them inside her?


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It only takes _ONE_ sperm cell to fertilize an egg. There are millions of them in just one ejaculation. In reality, if the fingers are not wet with semen, then there wont be much to worry about.

yes it only takes one but the chances of a small amount of sperm to make it all the way to the tubes is extremely slim u know out of 500,000 sperm only 250 make it! (this is on ejaculation inside)! so think about this for a second!

it is possible but not probable! how my boyfriend says!



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Only if he sticks his fingers inside you.

Only if your fingers happen to have semen. To get pregnant, you need to get semen into your body.

It's irrelevant how the semen end up inside you, if it's fresh and alive it can get you pregnant.

No, she would not get pregnant. For that to happen, she would have to be ovulating, and he would have to have semen on his finger.

A penis is the only place where semen (that contains sperm) comes out. Fingers are not penises; fingers cannot produce or ejaculate semen. Therefore, no, fingering does not get a girl pregnant.

If his semen got inside you could be pregnant

Semen has to be inside the vagina for you to get pregnant.

Yes, if a man has ejaculated inside you, and you let the semen remain in your body, there is the possibility that you will become pregnant.

Yes. Air will not kill the sperm instantly. The semen keeps the sperm fresh ready to be released inside the vagina. The semen needs to dry out before the sperm dies out in the open.

No, it needs to get inside your vagina.

Yes, it is possible to become pregnant from male semen being brushed into you from the outside.

Yes you can, absolutely. If you have semen(not like 5 minutes old, but fresh semen) and rub it on the vaginal area, even through pants, then you can get pregnant. You can even get pregnant from dry humping if you both cum.

No, but knowing exactly when you ovulate is really hard, and semen can survive inside you for a few days.

Sure. As long as the penis is inside her vagina or ejaculates semen right at the entrance or use his fingers to insert it, you can wear a overall and boots and still get her pregnant.

100 percent chance depending on your ovulation any ejacualtion in you can cause you to become pregnant just because it is allowed to swim upstream as most say.

no unless you have fresh semen of a man on your hand, from giving a handjob for example.

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