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What are you trying to say by "through her genes"? Did you mean "jean"? If sperms get into her virgina, then yes. If just outside, on the surface, then no. Very unlikely!

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โˆ™ 2009-02-10 11:39:59
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Q: Can a girl get pregnant through her genes if sperm gets on her crotch?
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Can a girl get pregnant through her genes if sperm gets on her iner thigh?

No, if you did not remove your jeans, then it is highly unlikely that you will become pregnant, even if sperm got on your jeans in the vicinity of your inner thigh.

Is it possible to get pregnant from a horse?

It is not possible to get pregnant from a horse if you are a person. Horse genes and human genes are too different for a sperm and egg to unite from two different species.

Can the women to be pregnant if the sperm go from the back?

the girl can get pregnant if the sperm go through the virgina hole

Is an altered gene is sperm is inheritable?

Genes are conveyed through the sperm and egg, so if that sperm unites with the egg the alteration will be inherited by the child.

Can a woman get pregnant if the sperm is injected through hands?

No only if the sperm enters the vagina

Can A condum get you pregnant?

no but sperm can exit through it and if fertalized in the women you can.

Can you get pregnant if there's sperm in your pants?

Yes, you can. Sperm are microscopic and can enter the vagina through your underwear.

Does the egg select the sperm or does an egg always become fertilized in the presence of sperm?

The sperm has to fertilise the egg. sometimes one gets through, others they don't. Obviously if the sperm gets through then the woman is pregnant

Where are genes found in sperm?

The head of the sperm contains the DNA.

Can sperm survive in a women through her period?

Yes it can, you can get pregnant during your period

If the guy has shorts on can the girl get pregnant?

no she cant get pregnant because the sperm is to weak to swim through and can not survive on fabrics

Can swallowing sperm effect pregnancy?

No. If you are pregnant, swallowed sperm will not affect the baby. If you are not pregnant, swallowing sperm will not make you pregnant.

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