Can a golden retriever swim

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Heck Yeah, They retreaved fish out of water!

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Q: Can a golden retriever swim
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Can golden retriever swim up to 9 feet?

yes they can.

Mixed Breeds of Golden Retriever?

* Australian Shepherd + Golden Retriever = Australian Retriever * Basset Hound + Golden Retriever = Basset Retriever * Beagle + Golden Retriever = Beago * Bernese Mountain Dog + Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain Dog * Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Golden Cavalier * Chinese Shar Pei + Golden Retriever = Golden Pei * Cocker Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Comfort Golden * Collie + Golden Retriever = Gollie * Dalmatian + Golden Retriever = Goldmation * English Pointer + Golden Retriever = American Gointer * English Springer Spaniel + Golden Retriever = Spangold Retriever * Golden Retriever + Great Pyrenees = Golden Pyrenees * Golden Retriever + Irish Setter = Golden Irish * Golden Retriever + Labrador Retriever = Golden Labrador * Golden Retriever + Newfoundland = Golden Newfie * Golden Retriever + Poodle = Goldendoodle * Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky = Goberian * Golden Retriever + Soft Coated Wheaten = Soft Coated Golden * Golden Retriever + Weimaraner = Goldmaraner

Other information for a golden retriever?

It is born able to swim............... And all the other regular stuff

Which is bigger a golden retriever or a labrador retriever?

The golden retriever because the golden retriever is deeper in muscles and has a heavier weight than a labrador.

How do you get golden retriever on Nintendogs lab and friends?

No, there in no golden retriever. Only Lab Retriever

Mate for golden retriever?

Do you want a mate for your golden retriever?

Where does the golden retriever originate from?

The Golden Retriever originated from SCOTLAND.

How does golden retriever move?

A golden retriever moves with its legs.

What did the very first golden retriever look like?

A Golden Retriever.

What is the official dog breed name of the Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever

Which is cuter a golden retriever or a black lab?

Golden retriever is cuter.

How does a golden retriever move?

A golden retriever moves with its legs.

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