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yess of course he can know! but you just have to decide weather on your bestfreind or the guy. but he can like you! (:

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Respect his feelings and let him be. He knows what is best for him and his condition.

Since he went out with your best friend, you accept his choice--and hers--with grace. When they are no longer going out, then you can hope again that he will discover an interest in you. By the way, even if they are not going out later, this may present a problem for your best friend.

shes really not a best friend if shes going out with her best friend's crush new person! i object wat if she was dating him first then the other best friend got the crush!?

A best friendis always there,whether you need advice,or a pep talk,or even a shoulder to cry on.A best friendlistens with her heartand is always honest with you,even though the truthmay not bewhat you want to hear.A best friendknows all your secrets,understands your fearssharesyour dreams.A best friendnever stops believing in youeven if you give upon arethat kind of friendto me.And no matter what happens,you always will be.You are my best forever friend.- Renee Duvall

sit down and talk to your friend about it. let her know how it hurts you that she goes and does that even tho she knows you like him. that is not a true friend.

none knows when its going to be realised none even knows if it's even going to be realised?it's a question none knows the awnser 2

yes! it might not matter if she already knows. but dont let her/him bother you..

The rising action is when armpit decides to do the crime with his friend x-Ray! Even though he knows what is going to happen

Most of the time you just wanna hear what you wanna hear and nothing else , but if he is dating your best friend it just means you have no best friend , and iwouldn't want him back even if iwas in love because that's just nasty ! If he cared about you he wouldn't have gone out with your best friend because he knows that it'll make you hurt and so does your " best friend " !

Unfortunately, your friend is not as good a friend as you think because if they can text your best friend then there is no reason they can't text you. Even though it hurts you ignore this friend and a wise decision would be to drop this friend and find a new one and that goes for your best friend as well as it sounds like something is going on where they want to leave you out of their text messaging.

you should not ask out the guy while your friend is dating him. You do not want to risk losing your friend. If they two of them do not work out then by all mean ask him out.

if they where hot then hell yes! If you were going steady with this girl, a best friend would not interfere. However, you must also understand that is this girl does not feel the same way about you, you should not interfere with others approaching her, even a best friend. That would not be fair to your friend. I know it hurts, but it will pass.

A best friend is always and I mean ALWAYS there for you. No matter what. A best friend won't talk behind your back no matter what the reason is. Nothing should be able to come in between you and a best friend. A best friend will never ever judge you when judgement is not required. Example: My "best friend" judged me too heavily based on religion. He is no longer my best friend, and we won't even talk. A best friend would not do that to you. Even if you move 5 states away, your best friend will still keep in touch with you. A best friend is supportive and respectful of your decisions and/or beliefs.

You tell your friend the dress she's wearing is " perfect for the occasion" even thought you're going camping,,,

Honesty is the best policy. You should be sure that your boyfriend's best friend feels the same about you. Nonetheless, you should be honest about your feelings to your boyfriend and break up even if his best friend does not feel the same about you. If not then you are living a lie and you are going to really hurt your boyfriend's feelings when he finds out and he will find out. Do the right thing!

tell them how you feel ! they might even feel the same for you if there your best friend they would understand.

No,he even told me i know him hes my best friend! How did you meet him then best friend

I'm also assuming that your best friend is somebody that you've known for a very long time. He or she is entitled to his or her own opinion. You have your reasons for liking your boyfriend and they have theirs for hating him. If your friendship with your best friend is damaged by your relationship with your boyfriend, I'm sorry to say that you'd have to reconsider labeling that friend as your "best" friend. A best friend is somebody who will be there for you through thick and thin. A best friend will still be by your side even if the person on the other side is somebody they despise. You cannot force your friend to like your boyfriend. Hate to break it to you, but high school relationships are a joke. Unless you are going to go to the same college (bad idea), it's not really going to work out in the end. You can claim to "be in love" now, but you really have no idea what that even means. If you let your [high school] boyfriend get in the way of your relationship with your "best" friend, you really have to reconsider what it means to be a "best" friend. Your relationship with your boyfriend should in no way shape or form get in the way between you and your "best" friend.

Noone knows. Not even the creator. Sorry.

Well, this clearly isn't a decent "best friend". First of all, she should know you liked him, and been respectful even of you to stay away. Second, if she was going to date him regardless of how you felt, the least she could have done is tell you.

His best friend is Brutus. That's why his last words are et tu brute? Even you brutus? It hurt the most that his best friend betrayed him

yes if she has feelings for you but you can get a friend to ask her is she does

Tell your friend to dump him so even if he as going to dump her she won't be heartbroken.

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