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Can a human knee be broken?

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Yes just like anyother bone in the body.

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above the knee to below the ankle

Because there is an arrow lodged in the knee! <--knee---{

A knee brace can be used as substitute for plastering for injuries to the knee cap. If the knee cap is not broken, a knee brace can allow for more flexibility.

There are 4 main ligaments in the human knee.

The Address I Gave You (in the URL category) is a perfect diagram of a human knee with all the labelling.

Using comparative anatomy the knee of a human is called a stifle on a horse. The joint on the front leg of a horse that is referred to as the knee is the equivalent of the human wrist.

Your knee is a joint and therefore cannot be broken. But you can break your knee cap. I broke mine and I had to have had 3 surgery's and it was a very clean break.

go to a doctor and let him fix it

no, only if you have a broken leg

its a broken leg. The tibia is one of the two long bones between the knee and ankle.

From my Human Anatomy class, the posterior surface of the knee is "popliteal".

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The tibia is the strongest bone below the knee.

He had broken his bone, and has had knee injury for a while now.

A horse's stifle is equal to the knee of a human.

The stifle on a horse is the equivalent of a human knee.

Something that can be broken that begins with K:keykeyboardkitekneeknifeknuckles

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Your knee is badly injured. The tendons, the strong bands at the end of the muscles, that holds it together, has broken.

The most frequently broken bone in the human body is the clavicle.

A broken bone in the human body will affect the skeletal system.

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