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YES, definitely! The verbal abuse is probably a result of a shortcoming in the husband, or to his mind, anyway. It probably has nothing to do with his wife..This is why evaluation and therapy is so paramount to getting to the bottom of all this pain, if you both love each other enough to commit to it. And..Don't forget God ! ! Good luck to you both....

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Why do people have buyer's remorse?

My guess is that people have buyer's remorse when they splurge and then decide that they didn't really need what they bought. Shopaholics probably have a lot of buyer's remorse

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What do you do when your husband cheats on you with your sister?

Don't just blame your husband, but the real blow is your sister allowed this to happen. She could have formed the word 'no!' They are both wrong and have hurt you and they have both lost that precious bond of trust you had with each of them. Humans are not perfect and make mistakes, but if one or the both of them feel no remorse it is time for you to get them out of your life. If your husband does show some remorse then you might think of getting a separation (not a divorce) and let him know how it feels to deal with things on his own and perhaps this will give him more time to think of how he has hurt you and how much he really does miss you. This is also going to cause a lot of hurt for the whole family and your husband and sister will be the losers. You deserve better so calm down; think about what your next step will be and do it. If you stay under these conditions then you are an enabler to both your husband and sister and you will lose your own self respect. If your husband wants to come back do not take him back unless he is willing to go to a marriage counselor with you and participate.

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