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Can a judge grant full custody to someone without a DNA test?

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Can a father without a home or a job be granted joint custody?

It would be very difficult to find a judge would would grant custody to someone with no means to take care of the children. The father could reapply for custody at a later date if he improves his situation.

Will the judge grant split custody if both parents live in the same school district as the child?

The judge can grant split custody of both parents live in the same school district as the child. However, the judge will take many things into consideration before he rules. An attorney can answer any questions you have about custody issues.

How do you get out of DSS custody when underage?

It is difficult to get out of DSS custody until you are over age eighteen. It is possible sometimes to have a judge grant a minor emancipation.

Can your boyfriend get legal custody from your parents if he is 19 and you are 16?

np ****** No judge in the US is going to grant legal custody of a minor to their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Can a judge give custody of a child to someone who is on wellfare or ssi?


Can your 17 year old friend that is married be able to get custody over you?

No judge in their right mind would grant it.

Can your husband obtain sole custody of a child that he has by another woman?

It would be highly unusual for a judge to grant sole custody in such a situation. She would have to be deemed an unfit parent by the court or consent to the custody arrangement.

Would a judge give joint custody just because the father wanted it?

A judge decides questions of custody on the basis of what is best for the child. If joint custody is awarded, it is because the judge thinks (rightly or wrongly) that the child will benefit by having contact with both parents. It is never about what the parents want, it is about what is good for the child.So a judge would not grant joint custody just because the father wants it, but if the father wants it, a judge is more likely to grant it than if the father said "Eh, I don't care, let her have the little yard ape all to herself."

Custody used in a sentence?

The word "custody" is usually used in relation to safekeeping or responsibility over someone. An example of a sentence using the word "custody" is "In a surprising decision, the judge granted custody of the children to their father. "

If your 12 and your grandparents and the mother and father have joint custody over you and the mothers lawyer filed a temporary restraining on the grandparents will the judge grant it?

Whether a restraining order is granted is based on the merits of the complaint, not who filed it. If the judge sees reason to grant the order it will be.

In the state of California will a judge grant 50 percent custody of 5 year old child to father?

yes, see links below

When DSS puts child in protective custody do you have to go in front of a judge to give custody to someone else in SC?

Yes. The legal custody of a minor can only be affected or changed by a court order.

Can a judge grant custody to your ex because you cheated on him?

A judge will award custody based on which parent is morally, financially, medically and psychologically fit to be the better parent. The judge will take all evidence into account before making that decision. If you cheated - that doesn't necessarily rule you out of the process. On the other hand, the judge may see you cheating as morally wrong.

Can an officer take a person in custody without a custody order?

CUSTODY or make an arrest? What do you mean by custody? If he is picking somebody up it requires a judges order (warrant), and for a judge to sign a warrant, the police have to provide the judge with probable cause. An officer can make take someone into custody if a probation officer reports a probation violation or if the officer witnesses the person committing the crime. If an office doesn't follow proper procedure, has to answer to the court as to why he did what he did. There are checks and balances that help prevent violations of these rules, in most cases.

What to do if my mother has custody of my children and is telling me she doesn't want them any more?

If you or the father can not petition for custody for whatever reason, you have to find someone who will or they will end up in foster care. The judge will have to approve the person petition for custody.

Judge granted us temporary custody when can we petition for full custody in Kentucky?

That's the common tactic in order to go for full custody, but hopefully the judge will order bird nest custody. see link below

What is judicial custody and police custody?

Judicial custody is when you are held by order of a judge and are not necessarily charged with anything.Police custody is when you are charged with something and are in the custody of the police.

How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

What is temporary custody?

Temporary custody is the precursor to the final decision. Therefore, if you have been awarded temporary custody, this may not be the final decision by the judge. The judge will take in all considerations and issue a permanent order that will state the custody arrangements.

If department of social services took custody of children away from the mother can the father get custody if they are separated pending divorce?


Can a judge legally grant custody of minor children to the father an illegal immigrant when the mother is a US citizen wants the kids in question and has no history of abuse or drugs?

The judge may grant custody to any individual or agency whom he/she feels in his/her objective opinion would act in the best interests of the child. Sometimes this is the mother, sometimes this is the father and sometimes this is the state. This is exclusively a matter of state law. It has nothing to do with anyone's immigration status.

When can the plantiff dismiss a case without prejudice?

The plaintiff cannot - that is a judge's prerogative. The plaintiff can REQUEST that a judge consider ruling that way, but it is up to the judge as to whether he will grant it or not.

In laws got temporary custody by telling judge lies how do i get custody back?

Prove them wrong

What can you do when a custody mediation is broken?

If mediation fails for any reason, then it falls to the judge to determine custody.

Can a parent who shares joint custody move out of state if the other parent objects?

Not without permission of the judge/court where the custodial order was issued.

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