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Generally speaking, 401k's are protected from judgements.

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Q: Can a judgment be taken from your 401K account in Texas if that is all you have?
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401K Account?

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Can you rollover an old 401k into an IRA account?

You can roll over a 401k account into your IRA account. This is cost effective and relatively easy.

What is the 401k rollover and what does it do?

A 401k is money in an account that has been contributed by you and established by your employer. When you leave that job, you can move the money to a new account which is called a 401k rollover.

What happens to my 401k account if I lost my job?

Your 401k account will get rolled over to your next employee if you lose your job.

How would I open a 401k account?

A 401k is a employer sponsored retirement plan for small and large companies. You can visit sites like to apply for a 401k account.

What do I do with my 401k account?

If you had just quit your job and had invested in a 401k plan with them, you can leave your 401k in the account because finding another investment would leave you in a peril situation.

What is the best way to roll over a 401k account?

To avoid any penalties you should roll your 401k into an IRA account.

Can foreclosure take a 401K?

Not directly. However, if there is a balance owed on the mortgage once the property has been sold, it is possible in some states for a judgment creditor to seize monies from the account. Please keep in mind that 401K is better protected from creditor judgment by ERISA than an IRA which makes it unlikely that seizure action would occur.

What kind of savings account is 401k?

A 401k is a retirement savings account which has very strict rules and regulations concerning deposits and withdrawals.

What penalties are there for emptying my 401k account?

If someone empties their 401k account before it reaches a certain level then there is a 10% penalty on the money in the account. There are some exceptions to this penalty.

How do I start a 401K account?

Most employers offer a 401K plan but you can also research banks that offer a good 401k plan.

Can you 401K be taken for unpaid medical bills?


I opened a 401k account years back but i havent looked into it what happens to the money?

i need to know about my 401k

What is the average yield on a 401k account in the United States?

In 2008 the average 401k yielded 50,000 dollars.

What are the interest rates on a Fidelity 401K account?

The interest rates for a loan on a Fidelity 401K account will vary depending on location and the current prime rate. 401K loans rates are typically 1% above prime rate.

Roll Over the 401K to Avoid Penalties?

Money invested into a 401K is taken out before taxes are calculated. If you close out that 401K early you will not only pay tax on the amount you receive, but you will also be hit with a early withdrawal penalty of 10%. The only way to avoid those penalties is to roll the 401K over into another qualifying 401K or other retirement account. Start by checking at your new job to see if the money can be rolled over into their retirement account. If they don't offer a 401K, or if you just don't care for what they have, you can transfer that money into a qualifying account with your bank or local credit union. Be sure to do it within 90 days to avoid being hit with penalties.

How to finds 401k funds owed to me?

money was taken out for 401k years ago from my pay checks how can I fine it

What are some benefits of a 401K retirement plan?

The benefits of a 401k retirement plan are that you pay pretax money to your account. You get special tax breaks for a 401k, and some employers will match what you put in 401k.

What factors determine 401k interest rates?

What is in the 401k account will determine what type of return you will get on it. How well the stocks, bond, mutual fund and other securities in the 401k is doing will determine the return in the 401k

Do unemployment payments stop in Texas by drawing out 401k?


Can you have a 401k and deceased husbands 401k and receive ss?

Yes. Having a retirement account such as a 401k or an IRA will not affect your ability to draw social security benefits.

Can 401k funds be rolled into a 403b?

401k funds may generally be rolled over into a 403b account if the new employer of the 403b plan permit. Although the IRS allows for this action to be taken, not all employers do allow for it.If done properly, the event creates no tax liability or penalty upon the account-holder.

Can you take your 401k out if you file chapter 7?

Your 401K account is exempt from creditors when you file BK. So leave the account alone. If you withdraw money and transfer it to another type of account, then the BK trustee can seize that money. Because of that, it is NEVER advisable to withdraw from your 401K when a BK is possible in the future.

How can I do a rollover of my 401k?

You should speak to the HR rep who has the information regarding your account, or ask to be referred to the fund manager for details. How much it costs to roll over the account depends on how much is in the account. These articles have helpful info: AND

Can 401k be taken in civil lawsuit?

Yes, a 401(k) plan may be seized by a judgment creditor after a civil lawsuit even though you personally are not entitled to take the funds out without a tax penalty. If the 401(k) is seized, you will probably have to pay the taxes and penalties just as if you had taken out the funds yourself and used them to pay the judgment creditor.