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no, there's a 7 year limit, (except for murder), it's called the statute of limitations.

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How old do you need to be for a aldult?

In some states 17 but usually 18

How many bones are there in an aldult body?

There are 206 bones in the adult human body.

What is a blue jays life cycle?

egg little bule jay aldult

The total number of muscles do a aldult have?

Is hard to give an exact answer, but the anatomists say there are about 400.

What is a butterflies life cycle?

happly brith,change/grow,aldult,saldy but true death.

What is the Florida scrub jays lifecycle?

There lifecycle is an egg to a little bird to a aldult Scrub jay

Can a 12 year old play rated M games?

they can if an aldult buys it for them but they shouldn't even buy them

How is tyra banks's life as an aldult?

it was hard for her because she was teased about her height when she was younger but she did go to UCLA and USC

When will bleach come back out on aldult swim 2010?

New episodes r being shown now at about 1:00 AM in the USA.

Is it illegal for an 18 year old to be dating a 16 year old in the state of Ohio?

yes, Isn't an 18 year old a aldult?

What is the bondi tree?

the bondi tree helps Buddhist medatate and get absorbed in there experience in there childhood to aldult hood and it is somtimes called the tree of awakening.

How did the Mayflower Compact influence the US constitution?

The Mayflower compact was an agreement of first formed government where all aldult men agreed on a rep and laws

Can you drive an aprilia rs50 in new jersey when you are fifteen?

Most states wouln't let you and i think its is illegal to drive an aprilia rs50 when your fifteen without a aldult.

What are characteristics of the Pygmy Elephant?

tame, not aggresive, small temper, small-aldult-6 1/2 ft., New borns are as small as a dog noble, elgant

How old is an aldult rabbit?

It depends on the breed, but whenever a rabbit reaches sexual maturity it is an adult. This is usually around 4-8 months. For small rabbits around 4, and for larger breeds around 8. Generally speaking 6 months is an adult.

How can you leave your house at 18 if your mom says you can't?

I will just walk out because really they dont have the right to tell you, you cant leave if you have your diploma yes you can leave the house becasue by law you are legally and aldult so just walk out who cares what they say because i am about to leave my house

Why is it that everyone always wants a cute little puppy?

Everybody always wants a puppy because they can live with them longer, if they get an older dog it'll die faster. I'M THE PERSON WHO ASKED THE QUESTION- yep but you can rescue an aldult one and it could be so much more rewarding! plus your saving a life!

When do tamagotchi music star aldult leave there baby?

"When will a Tamagotchi V6 Adult leave their baby/babies?"Usually, the Adult will stay with the baby either until;The baby grows into a toddler/child.OrThe adult dies.It won't let me delete the above but basically thats all wrong. The adult leaves after 24 at midnight.

What adaptations do fish have?

gillsSamon have some! they can jump up and down waterfalls and can remember where they were born, and each year (if they dont die before/after they give birth) they go back to were they were born, and give birth to up to 5,000 eggs. On average, only 1/199 will make it to aldult hood! And they die right after birth, and ,mostly so do the males! hope that helped!

What is 'DOE'?

Doe is an language spoken by the Doe people , a people of coastal Tanzania. Doe is also a river in Tennessee. Aswell as an aldult felmale animal in some species(ex. deer). As for Jane/John/Baby Doe, Doe is used as a placeholder name in a legal action, case or discussion for a female/male/baby party, whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld for legal reasons

How tachnology affect man life?

Tecnology are as important as air for this modern times. Technology plays an important role in our daily life, for example in food, clothing , and so on. however, we never realise that the reliability that we depends on the technology. Technology could brings pro ad con to us. Firstly, we could discover the effect of technology to our daily food. fast food or instance food can be known as the best companian for those students or working aldult who fighting for times.

What schools did Flo Rida go to?

flo rida went to brentwood elementry school, carol city high school, and carol city middle school. tomar was in mrs fishers class in brent wood elementry. he was repectful,genarous,and a non talking child . he never talked back to an aldult. on April 15,2010 flo rida came to brentwood elementry and talked performed and singned autographs for the children 2-5. i know all of this because i go to brentwood elementry.

When a parent dies and has no will who becomes the executor of the estate There are 6 aldult children and he is not married?

An Executor settles an estate when the decedent had a will. If there is no will the estate must be settled by an Administrator. Any one of the decedent's children can petition the probate court to be appointed the Administrator of a parent's estate. The property will pass to the heirs at law according to the state laws of intestacy after the debts of the estate have been paid. The Administrator settles the estate under the supervision of the court. You should consult with an attorney who specializes in probate law who can review your situation and explain your options and the costs of probate.

What goal did women's rights activists achieve by the end of the 1800s?

The right to vote "Women's Suffrage".In 1893 New Zealand was the first self-governing nation in the world where all adult women, including Maori, won the right to vote in national elections.Actually, because the Cook Islands (a New Zealand dependancy) held an election earlier than New Zealand, they were the first nation in which aldult women actually voted.Australia gave the vote to all white women in 1902 (aboriginal women had to wait until 1960!) and the US gave all women nationally the right to vote in 1920.There are still many countries in which women do not have the right to vote.

Why are pitbulls so crazy?

Crazy? there not crazy the stuff you hear on the news that's crap! (excuse my language) not all pitbulls are that way plus no dog is attcks eithout a reason. there very territorial so even if you just go up to pet it they may think your attcking them so obsivously there going to attack you. I'm not if you guys remember but there was a two year old who dies resulting a pit bull fight well really what kind aldult would allow her to go up to a pitbull by herself now that's crazy! she could have looked in a dogs eye that mean you want to fight pull its tail or simply if the dog was very territorial the dog migh have though she was a threat! plus some pitbulls have saved life and some are gentler than a cat! it all depends on how its brought up and what faces i so agree ^^^ there the sweetest dog (well maby not the most) but the can hert u but only is they got bothered by you so i have 10 of them (in an adoption place) abd the cute theres 3 full sized ones and seven babys