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How virus can enter in a computer?

A virus can enter your computer through a downloaded program, visited website, or a disc.

What is the difference between AIM and AIM express?

AIM is a program that is downloaded and installed on a personal computer. AIM express is launched via a web browser, so that a program does not have to be downloaded.

What is a good computer monitoring system to keep track of my children's computer usage?

A good program to keep track of children's computer usage would be a Keystroke Logger such as Spytector and Remote Spy. Keyloggers keep track of all activities that are processed when the program is on.

What is a small program that resides on a server designed to be downloaded and run on a client computer?


Can yon transfer or copy a program that you downloaded on a computer to another computer?

yes just copy and past it on a memmory stick

What determines the keystroke required to access the Setup program?

The BIOS Manufacter

Downloaded a program from the internet and now the computer won't boot?

try to restart your computer in safe mode. If it works in safe more then the problem is with some program in the start up .

Is their a program that can test if your computer can run minecraft?

There is no need for a program. All Minecraft requires is that Java is downloaded and installed, and that your computer is fast enough to run it. If you have these things, than your in the clear.

What is otto seen in my ad or remove program?

Otto is the name of a software program that helps to clean the computer of unwanted files. Otto is not a necessary program and probably got on the computer as an addition to something else that was downloaded.

What does computer vandalism mean?

Computer vandalism is a program that performs malicious function such as extracting a user's password or other data or erasing the hard disk. A vandal differs from a virus, which attaches itself to an existing executable program. The vandal is the full executing entity itself which can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of an ActiveX control, Java applet, browser plug-in or e-mail attachment.

A small program that can be downloaded by a website to your computer?

Please specific the question. Because I'm about to say for the answer: any.

How do you download cell snoop program into cell phone?

It must be downloaded to you computer then transferred to your cell phone

What should you do with an email attachment from someone you do not know?

Delete it, and DON'T open the attachment, under any circumstances. It could contain a Trojan program that could damage your computer if it is run.

Where can one download Google Talk?

The program can be downloaded through torrents (torrent is a program file that can be downloaded through torrent programs such as, Utorrent, Bittorrent) once the program is downloaded it can then be installed by following the in program instructions.

How do you delete downloaded games on your computer?

To remove a game or program from your computer click on start and type uninstall or change a program, the will be a list look for the game you wish to uninstall, to uninstall just select it from the list then click uninstall.

How do you send a visual studio program as an email attachment?

Try to zip it then send as an attachment.

What is the filesystemobject used for?

It is a computer software/program that manipulates and sorts computer files as well as allowing you to create new files and online documents. It can be purchased an downloaded over the Internet.

What computer program is used to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer?

Many programs today have security features built-in which are designed to stop viruses from infecting your computer. The main program that does this though is called an anti-virus program. This type of program removes viruses from your computer and sometimes attempts to stop viruses from being installed or even downloaded. There are many free programs of this type, such as AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials.

How do you get izotope ozone 5 into pro tools?

To get iZotope Ozone 5 into Pro Tools you need to first have the program downloaded on your computer. Users should be able to import the program after download.

How does a keystroke logger work?

A keystroke logger is often a plugged in device or program. It makes a record of everything typed on the keyboard. These are often used at work to verify the employees are not abusing time or by hackers to steal information.

What is a 3 hour premium bar?

it can be a number of things, mainly a tool bar or program\plug in downloaded to your computer that last 3 hours

How do you know if the program you downloaded is a program or not?

.exe (extension of the file name)

Where you can find out your laptop is used for what?

You will have to download something that will monitor your screen on what people do, options, keystroke is one program that copy's everything that some one says. another option watch the person that is using the computer at all times..

How can one download Limewire software for free?

The peer to peer file sharing computer program LimeWire can be downloaded from a plethora of places on the internet. LimeWire can be downloaded from the official LimeWire website, or from other websites like CNET.

What is downloaded software?

a program that run on computers.