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You can do it, but you have to notify the tenant of all problems. One good option is to rent the place to someone who is willing to do some repairs to it in exchange for $$ off the rent. I rented a pretty shabby place a few years back and did repairs to the apartment, and the landlord gave me the cost of all materials off the rent. Great way to fix it up and still rent it out.

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Q: Can a landlord rent a property as is meaning that the property has leaks and is obviously in need of repairs but the landlord is willing to rent it for very little?
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What is the difference between a property manager and a landlord?

Generally, at common law, the landlord is the owner of the property. However, in some cases a lessee may lease a large property such as an apartment building or mall and then has a contractual right to act as the landlord to the various tenants. The property manager is a person or company hired by the landlord to manage the property, collect rents, handle complaints and repairs, arrange for snow removal, etc.

Can your landlord enter your apartment when you are not home?

The general rule with regard to landlord's entry of dwelling is that the landlord may enter such dwelling only if there is an emergency, landlord must enter, such as in the case of fire or flood, to protect his property from further damage; if the landlord has given a reasonable amount of notice, generally of at least 24 hours; for a routine inspection of the property, again, given reasonable notice; and if the tenant has requested some repairs to be done and the landlord is there to make such repairs.

If a window gets smashed by a third party is it the tenant or the landlord who has to pay for repairs?

It is the tenants responsibility to pay for the repair as they are occupying the property and it istheirmain home. The landlord has nothing to do with it.

Is the landlord responsible for emptying the septic tank?

I would say yes. Since you are a renter and he is the owner . The owner of the property is libel for the repairs.

What, specifically, does rental insurance cover and am I the payee or is the landlord?

Rental insurance only covers the renters personal property such as clothes, T.V. furniture etc. Any repairs to the dwelling is the responsibility of the landlord.

Can you be forced to pay for a paved driveway as a renter?

No, property repairs and improvements are the responsibility of the landlord. The landlord can however raise the person's rent to offset expenses, assuming there is not a valid rental agreement disallowing the action.

Can a landlord refuse repairs if rent is delinquent?


Is it legal for landlord to enter property to fix your lights if you are at work without letting you know?

Under most state laws a landlord must give you adequate notice before he can enter your property for routine maintenance or inspection. Absent this notice, he may enter your property if it's an emergency. However, in many states, your request for maintenance or repairs is sufficient to allow your landlord to enter your property without consent.

If i didn't pay rent because the landlord hasn't made repairs can he kick us out?

Yes, if you did not make the repairs yourself and document the costs with an agreement with him, the landlord can evict you. Your local government does have offices that will help you with landlord/tenant issues--some repairs Must be made. However, many landlords do not ever make the repairs that are less serious.

Can landlord refuse to do repairs that's in contract and charge more rent?

Refusing to make any repairs and charging more rent are two separate issues. A landlord does have the right to raise the rent as he feels necessary, with proper notice. Regardless of this, the landlord is required to make any essential repairs.

What to do when renting a house and the landlord wont fix anything?

If the repairs needed are essential for living in the house you must give the landlord at least seven days of notice before the rent is due that you will be making the repairs and offsetting the rent. Your landlord could still evict you but if the repairs were essential you will win. If the repairs are non-essential you can choose not to renew the lease. If the essential repairs are expensive you can choose to break the lease and move out, and get your deposit back.

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage caused by vandalism?

Unless the tenant was involved in the vandalism, the landlord is responsible for the repairs.

Can you hold your rent until landlord makes repairs to property?

Yes and no. If you give proper notice of at least seven business days BEFORE the next rent is due, you have the right to make essential repairs and offset the cost from the rent. Your landlord still has the right to evict you but if you show the court the receipts for such legitimate and essential repair, then your landlord will lose the case, and you can sue for damages of up to three months' rent abatement.

Can you refuse to pay rent until your landlord maked the necessary repairs?


Can rent be withheld due to non repairs by the landlord in NJ?

yes, as long as you inform the landlord that you are holding the money in an interest bearing or escrow account, and that once the repairs are made to your satisfaction, the money will be paid to him.

Money paid in advance of moving into a living space to the landlord or property manager to be used for repairs or damage done to the space beyond the normal wear and tear expected is called a?

Security deposit.

What should a tenant do if a landlord does not make repairs after being asked to do so?

you should write a letter to landlord regarding repairs and give them 30 days to make repairs. Include in letter that if repairs are not started in 30 days that you will deduct the cost of repairs from rent. Send copies of receipts with rent. Note: if you are on a month to month lease, your rent may increase. Also, send letter certified, return receipt.

Can you put a lien on a house that you are renting for improvements you made to the house?

Only if the landlord agreed to pay for those improvements. Normally, you would not be reimbursed for the cost of repairs or improvements you did not have permission to make. In fact, you might be responsible for paying to restore the property to its original condition if the landlord did not like your improvements.

Is landlord responsible for fees incurred by tenant for repairs?

Yes and no. If repairs are frivolous or done without proper notice of at least seven days before the next rent is due, then no. Otherwise yes. Keep in mind, however, by the landlord can still file eviction proceedings against you. However, if the court finds that the repairs were essential for continued habitation of the dwelling, the landlord will lose the case, wherein you can make a counterclaim against the landlord for up to three times rent abatement.

Is your landlord responsible to make repairs due to a robbery?

Generally speaking, any kind of damages that are not the result of normal wear and tear on the property becomes the responsibility of the tenant. That being said, I can understand the fact that the tenant became a victim of a crime. This is the reason why tenants should get renters insurance. Absent this, the victims advocacy group division of your states attorneys office (state attorney, Dist. Atty., solicitor, prosecutor, etc.) often has funding to assist victims to remedy any damages the victim has suffered. This type of funding is money that is collected from all defendants in court. But to answer your question, no: the landlord is not responsible for making repairs. However, I am sure the landlord would help you in making such repairs, to make the property safer.

Is one month's free rent fair compensation for repairs not made?

While this depends on the type of repairs that need to be made, you cannot exercise this option as a means not to pay your rent. If there are repairs that must be made, and such repairs are essential for the habitability of the dwelling, there are procedures you must follow in order to make such repairs and offset it from the rent. In most states, you must give your landlord a notice of your intent to do such at least seven days before the next rent is due. Keep in mind that your landlord will still have the right to file eviction proceedings against you, but will likely lose the case if the tenant can prove essential repairs were needed. In such case you can sue the landlord or make a counter suit against the landlord if he tries to evict you, for which you can win up to three months of rent abatement if it can be proven that the landlord sued you for eviction maliciously.

If I agree to purchase a residential property from an owner but that property is currently being leased to someone what rights do I have?

If you purchase this property, you will assume the position of landlord under the existing lease with the tenant. Your rights and responsibilities are determined by the lease and your state's landlord-tenant laws. It is a good idea to talk with a real estate attorney in your area before purchasing this property to ensure that the lease protects your rights and you won't have any surprises after closing (e.g. tenant demands deposit refund, major repairs, etc.)

Does the landlord have to pay for a hotel room while repairs go on?

Our apartment flooded monday night, landlord came today to take out carpet, the smell is so bad its unlivable and we wont get carpet till Tuesday, meanwhile my furniture is everywhere and I cant get to anything. Is landlord required to pay for a hotel room while repairs go on?

What agency do you report a landlord who does not make repairs?

You can call code enforcement of the municipality or locality you live in.

Can a landlord require a tenant to pay repairs if not specified in the lease?

Yes, under certain circumstances.