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Can a lawyer practice in more than one field of law?

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Yes. Many attorneys have what is referred to as a general practice, which involves civil and criminal matters. However, a public prosecutor only initiates criminal action and brings to trial those persons who are charged with a crime. The term private prosecutor refers to anyone who begins the justice process against a person he or she believes has committed a crime by swearing to a criminal complaint/accusation against the named person.

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Does a lawyer have to speak more than one language?

No, although it is helpful in certain geographic areas or types of practice.

What makes more vet or lawyer?

There are a lot of factors that feed into this - experience, area of practice, business ownership/partnership, etc. However, when these factors are controlled, in general a lawyer makes significantly more than a veterinarian.

Why would someone choose a bus accident lawyer rather than a regular lawyer?

One would choose a bus accident lawyer over a regular lawyer because a bus accident lawyer specializes in that field. Many lawyers specialize in accident claims and they will be more likely to bring a successful case than a regular lawyer would.

What kind of lawyer is the best to be?

A criminal lawyer because you can do more than a divorce and family lawyer

What are the strengths of a personal injury claims lawyer?

The strengths of a personal injury claims lawyer is that they will be a specialist in this field and much better equipped to win a case than a more general lawyer. They will have intimate knowledge of all the personal injury laws that could effect someone.

Can a New Jersey lawyer practice in the bankruptcy courts of California?

Bankruptcy Courts are FEDERAL. You must be allowed to practice in a particular District by the Court, meaning you know the conventions and customs of the area more than anything. State is not a consideration.

What if you don't agree with you lawyer for a car accident settlement?

You can get another lawyer. But you should consider that your lawyer MAY know more than you.

What is the best paid job out of a lawyer and a doctor?

It depends on the type of lawyer and the type of doctor. If you are a lawyer working for a big firm, you will likely make considerably more than a doctor working in certain fields such as family medicine. But in the reverse, if you are a lawyer working for the government or for a non-profit you would be making considerably less than a doctor working in a field like plastic surgery. There is a ton of variation.

Practice of having more than one wife?

The practice of having more than one wife is called polygamy or bigamy.

What is the income for a criminal lawyer?

Good ones can make close to half a million a year. Average is less than that, depending on where the practice is(New York City makes more than someone in East Podunk, Alabama.)

Does a lawyer get more money than a doctor?

A lawyer usually earns less than a dentist, which is a type of doctor. But you might earn more as a lawyer if you have more than 20 years of experience. 20 years of experience= 113596 dollars for lawyers annually, but a dentist earns about 137630 dollars a year no matter the experience.

Can a lawyer practice more than one type of law even though they have a specialty?

Yes, they certainly may have more than one specialty. While there are a few types of law that require special exams or admission, in general an attorney may do anything an attorney is authorized to do.

How long does it take to become a DUI lawyer?

I takes more than five years in college to become a DUI Lawyer.

How much do you get paid being a lawyer?

more than u can think of

Does lawyers need more education than attorneys?

A lawyer is an attornery

Teachers are better than lawyer?

yes they can teach you to be a lawyer lol

How did Thurgood Marshall become a lawyer?

he became a lawyer from Charles Houston because he said you have to learn more than the white lawyers

Who gets paid more a female lawyer or a male lawyer?

I think a lawyer who has more experience and and a great past record in the law gets paid more. Whether it is a female lawyer or a male lawyer. On average, however, female lawyers make 22% less than male ones. Please see the NYT infographic in the related links below.

Is it possible to have more than one bachelors degree in more than one field?


Does series field winding have more resistance or a shunt field winding?

shunt field winding have more resistance than series field winding ************sai ganesh ************269*******

What is better lawyer or archaeologist?

Money-wise a lawyer is definitly better than an archaeologist, but personally I think archaeology would be a more enjoyable job.

When do lawyer work?

well dependes they can work at any time.If the case is really hard than that consist of more work for the lawyer hope i that answered it for you

What is better than a lawyer?

For court cases, and all matters of law, the only thing better than a lawyer is a good lawyer.

How long had been Obama in school?

I don't know how many years exactly, but he was a practicing lawyer (a constitutional lawyer) so he's more than qualified. :)

What is polygamy?

Definition of PolygamyThe condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time. Also called plural marriage.Zoology. A mating pattern in which a single individual mates with more than one individual of the opposite sex.In the English language, polygamy is the practice of having more than one spouse at the same time.the practice of having more than one wife

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