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Can a legal alien adopt a child in the US?

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Can your alien boyfriend adopt your US citizen child if he lives in the US and has a Visa?

Your boyfriend can not adopt your child while he also remains yours. It does not matter if he is a US citizen, legal alien or illegal alien. For him to do that he would need to marry you. The license would cost $35.00 and you would each need a picture ID.

Is it easier to adopt a child from china or the US?

It is easier to adopt a child in the US.

Can a non-US citizen with legal work visa adopt in the US?

No, a non legal citizen with a legal work permit can not adopt in the US. The person may adopt once they become a legal citizen.

Can immigrants adopt a us citizen child?

Yes, an immigrant can adopt a US child. However, it is uncommon. Most of the time, US natives adopt an immigrant child.

If a alien married man wants to adopt his wives US citizen child that is not his biological child will that grant him the right to stay in the US and get his Green Card?

Yes, but he would get his GC through his wife not the adopted US citizen child.

Can a us family adopt an illegal alien?

No because the alien has to have a U.S. citizenship first!!!!!!!!

How do you classify a child born in Mexico but raised in the US and how can they become legal?

Based on what you stated- the child would be an illlegal alien because he was not born in the U.S. and does not have legal status.,

If you marry an illegal alien that have lived in the us since he was a child would he be able to become legal?


Does an illegal alien woman become a legal resident after giving birth in the us?

No. The child is a citizen, but the mother is not.

Can a US citizen adopt an alien?

By alien i assume you mean imigrant or someone from a different country, i believe the answer is yes, many people adopt children from third world countries like some in Africa and, I'm not sure about this one, the child becomes a U.S. citizen.

Can a legal permanent resident adopt a child in the US?

Yes it is possible. As long as their criminal record is clean, legal immigration status can be validated, you're ok.

Can a military father win custody from an illegal alien mother?

Yes. If the mother is an illegal alien, she has no legal standing in US Family Courts. As such, if she brought the case to court, she could quite likely be facing deportation. As a military father, he has not only the legal rights to the child, who is also a legal US citizen, but the child has the right to remian in the US, and the father unquestionably demonstrates the ability to provide financially for the child, which the mother will be unable to prove.

US citizen marries a legal alien?

That legal alien will have status of US citizen. Bad answer. The alien must apply and QUALIFY foe citizenship. Ther are several disqualifiers.

Did the US adopt the one child policy?


Is it legal to adopt a us citizen if you are an illegal immigrant?


If a illegal alien marries a us citizen is it a legal marriage in the US?


What is the definition of legal alien?

A legal alien someone that is living in a US that has a card saying they can live in the U.S. You can go and get a card that can supports this.

If an undocumented alien marries a visitor in the US is it binding and legal?

It is a legal marriage in the US. It is not a claim to legal residency for visitor or undocumented alien though. The laws of the visitors and undocumented aliens country of origin will mandate whether it is a legal marriage there.

If an illegal alien comes to the US when there 13 do they become a legal alien?

There is not any way for an illegal alien to become legal except through application to the government. Age and time in the country are not an automatic way to become legal.

If you are an illegal alien from Canada and have lived in the US since age 4 and you're 23 now and married to a US citizen and have a child with her can you become legal without being deported?

It is a rule stating that if you are married to an US citizen then you will be considered an legal citizen.

How does an illegal alien who was brought to the US as a 13th month old child also raise and educated all his life in the US marry someone in the US?

Legal status is NOT a requirement to receive a marriage license. You can marry a citizen, resident alien, or illegal alien- it doesn't matter (as long as the other person is of the opposite sex).

Can an illegal alien become a legal US citizen?


What is living in the US without legal permit?

ilegal alien

Is a child an automatic us citizen to two alien parents?

Any child born in the US can choose US citizenship.

If two illegal aliens have a child in the US is their offspring a legal us citizen?

the law is that if a child is born in the US it is a legal citizen.