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Q: Can a lender call the home number of a cosigner in order to verify the information of the cosigner?
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Do you provide your bank account number to the lender when you apply for a mortgage?

When you fill out the 1003 form for the lender, you include information regarding your bank accounts, which they will verify with the account number you give them.

Can you sue the lender if they did not verify income you co-signed for?

It is impossible to sue a lender if they do not verify income you co-sign for. It is the responsibility of each person to report accurate and truthful income information for all loans.

Do a cosigner have to be physically present in order to cosign for someone?

Of course. The lender will take the necessary steps to verify the co-signers identity and income since the co-signer is agreeing to pay the loan if the primary borrower defaults.

How do I know if my FHA lender is legitimate?

You can always contact HUD or FHA to verify the status of the lender if you are unsure. Your local HUD office should be listed in the phone book and they can verify or deny the company.

How can you verify employment at Wal-mart?

I need to verify employment of a current employee. Is there an HR Department telephone number I may call to obtain that information?

How do you verify bike owner by bike's registration number?

Bike can be registered at the police department. Verify the bike owner by taking the registration number to the police. The police department will have the owners information if they registered the bike.

How to maintain and verify routing information?

To maintain and verify routing information use the show version command.

One effective way to verify information is to?

An effective way to verify information is to compare notes with verified sources. There are other ways to verify information that include using official sources.

How do verify someones car insurance?

If they gave you their Insurance information, all you have to do is call the insurance company, give them the policy number and if you have a legitimate need they can verify if the coverage is active.

What is a secret piece of information used to verify idenity?

A code word, a password, a pin number etc.

What is w12 form?

its a form for tax preparer when they have never filled a tax return to verify their information for a PTIN number

What if the lender has charged more interest than loan allows what can you do?

Visit the lender and verify that this is actually happening. There is a difference between simple interest and compound interest based on the interest and the principle outstanding.

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