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YES, if you are in DEFAULT of the contract (NO ins. coverage) they can repo.

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What can happen if you havent paid your car in 4 months?

You can be sued and your car repossessed.

Has apple computers merged with any other companies?

no the apple company havent merged with any other companies

What happened after acceleracers?

Nobody knows what happened cause they havent finished the show yet because it was sold to a different company

What happens if you are driving someone else's car and you have an accident and do not have proof of insurance?

If should be sufficient to tell the Police that you have a policy which allows you to drive other cars and give them the name of the company, they can then advise you to produce your documents within a certain lenght of time or they can ring the insurance company and confirm the details on the spot. . If the police havent been called then just get the other persons details and give them yours and tell them youll ring them later on with the details of your policy! If you dont have insurance to drive the other persons car then any accident caused by you will effect their insurance and may mean that they cant claim for the damage to their own car as they let an uninsured driver drive it! If they say they didnt give you permission to drive then you will have to be prosecuted for theft before they can claim for their damage!! Hope this helps!

A 16 year old hit your car you filed a claim with the insured insurance company they are telling you that they have to investigate why the 16 year old was driving before they can issue you a check?

Most likely, they are trying to find a way to pay this claim believe it or not. If they havent denied coverage right away, then that is a good sign. The 16 year old may not be covered on the policy for some reason, perhaps they don't have a driver's license yet and most policies will not cover unlicensed drivers. For the insurance company to make an exception to this rule, i.e. in the case of life threatening emergency, they are entitled to take statements and investigate the matter thoroughly before issuing you a check. If the 16 yr old doesn't have a license, or was not named or otherwise covered on the policy, you are wise to allow the insurance company the opportunity to investigate as this is your only hope of getting that check without taking legal action.

Is it common for an employer to take out life insurance policies on its employees with the employer as the beneficiary?

Yes very common. Certain employees are critical to day to day operations, aka: money coming in the door! These are refered to as "key employees". They are usually not easily replaceable, and are a big contribution to the company. The company would take a monitary loss if they where not around, so they insure them incase anything happens. Advice: If your company is taking out a policy on you with the company as the benefecieary, this means you are important in their eyes and are a key component of the company! It means that if you havent received a raise in a while you should def hit them up for one. You most likely have a lot more leverage than you realize and what they are probably leading you to believe!

Is insurance for teens a good idea?

Definitely getting insurance for teens is important; due to the fact that teenagers bodys havent fully developed and at the time that something happens from a cold to a broken bone u want to know u have it cover. Healthy Families and Blue cross ae both great insurances.

In ulip plan if plan purchased verbally and then company and agent invested in regular plan what to do if forcing for further premium expert please guide you soon as you are senior citizen?

You cannot buy a ULIP Plan Verbally and if some agent is telling you that you bought a ULIP verbally - then he is cheating you.Remember:You cannot buy a Insurance policy Verbally - Since ULIP is a partial Insurance product, no agent can sell you a ULIP without you actually signing a bunch of documentsYou cannot be forced to pay further premiums. If you dont want to pay the premium, tell them and stop paying it.The agent cannot invest the money in a plan that you havent chosen.If you are being forced by the agent, call up the customer care of the insurance company and raise a formal complaint.

When is the next Nintendo Arceus event?

they havent announced one yet but if people signed the petition (which is now over) the company in America were going to hold it again on the 16th of December for Christmas

Car audio problems?

havent got any right now actualy. havent got any right now actualy.

Does direct2drive refund?

They do, as long as u havent downloaded the game yet and havent seen the activation code. Contact cust. Servce.

Do scented colored or white candles burn at different rates?

i dontnow cause i havent done it i dontnow cause i havent done it

How long will a bad account stay on credit history?

Until you clear your debt and your good with the company. After that it will stay on there for about a year but will also have that you paid your money. If you havent paid your debt, then it will remain on your credit history.

How is it possible your employer blocked you from applying to another company when you havent done any offense?

If a company made you sign a non compete agreement that is one method. Another thing I've heard happen is a company will begin hiring employees from a competitor we'll call Company X. After they hire away a number of employees from Company X, Company X may get upset and send a statement, threat, or plead to the hiring company to stop taking all their employees. Whether the hiring company obliges probably depends on whether Company X has any leverage.

Is anyone know Point Ahead ltd in the UK?

Hi, Has anyone back to you on this company. I'm about to make a purchase and don't want to get scammed. Eric. hi i was wondering if you got wat you ordered from this company because i havent n they keep onasking mi formore money

Havent had period in two months worried im 16 sure havent had sex.?

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

What is the biggest comet?

they havent found that out yet

Can you resell the car before even insurance registration or title transfer?

here is a description: i bought a car with a rebuilt title from a craigs list yesterday .. i havent even went to DMV to transfer the title on my name or havent called to my insurance company to insured that car.. if i plan to resell this car again to a third party, then is it ok that i give this title "as is" to that third party?? and is there any chance that the buyer will face any problem to transfer this title in his name?? on my request seller had only put his name and signature and dint put the buyer's(my) name and signature on the back of the title (kept that column blank). so if i dont drive this vehicle and keep it in garage, wouldn't it be possible to resell it again on the same title??? so that i can fill up that blank column with the "would be" buyer's name..

How do you fill out IRS form 941?

I just starting working for a trucking company and i have no idea on how to do a 941 form. I came to find out that the company hasn't filed a 941 form since first quarter in 2008. Our company has paid the fee every quarter but we havent filed any forms. So i need to learn how to fill this 941 form. Where can I find some kind of help?

Were can you watch bew Naruto englich movies?

dub happy has the first an second not to sure about the third i havent got that far of watching so i havent looked

You havent had your period in 4 months?

theres a chance you can be pregnant so take a test ASAP ! i havent had mine in 3months nd i found out im pregnant

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