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Q: Can a loose battery cause your vehicle to stall while driving?
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Will a loose battery wire cause a battery to go dead?

No. A loose battery connector will cause problems drawing power from the battery to start the vehicle, and it may present a bit of a problem charging it (but that is not likely because the charging current is low compared to the starting current). If you have a loose connector and the battery goes dead, clean and tighten your battery terminals and start making some checks. The loose connector will not cause your battery to go dead.

Can loose battery cables cause a car to die while driving?

I'm not so sure :(

Will a loose negative battery cable cause an engine to die while driving?

On some car yes it will.

What would cause you gages to malfunction would a weak battery in a vehicle cause this?

A weak battery, loose/broken wires making a short, defective sensors that monitor what the gauges are displaying

Can loose wires cause a car battery not to start?

Certainly, a loose wire on the car battery can cause the car not to start.

True or False A low battery charge can cause kia key fobs to lose it's programming?

== == A low battery in the key fob will cause the fob to loose it's function, not it's program. A low vehicle battery will not cause this problem.

Will a car battery charge wile driving if the negative termanal is loose?

No, the alternator will not charge the battery with the negative terminal loose.

1991 chevy s10 pickup loose all power and not start driving down the road?

Sounds like the alternator has failed and you ran the vehicle until the battery was drained.

Why does my 2002 trailblazer almost stalls when you come to a stop and the lights flicker?

A loose battery cable can cause your vehicle to on most stall and it can cause the lights to Flickr. Make sure your battery cables are tight and free of corrosion.

Will a weak battery cause new serpentine belt to squeak?

No, the battery has nothing whatsoever to do with the belt other than the belt is driving the alternator which recharges the battery. The alternator is working hard to recharge a weak battery. If the belt is squealing then the belt is either worn out or it is loose. If it is loose it is because the tensioner is defective and not holding the proper tension.

What would a loose battery cable do?

Cause a no start situation.

What would cause car gauges to shake?

COmputer, loose battery, defective battery/volt amps or loose wiring harness/ wires grounding out somewhere

What would cause all things like computer lights redio are disconnected from power when turn on the key on 2001 rodeo sport?

If vehicle starts - probably a bad ignition switch If vehicle doesn't start could be a dead or low battery, loose or corroded battery cables

Would a loose battery cable cause the odometer to flicker?


What are the symptoms of a loose battery terminal?

A loose battery terminal will cause intermittent power supply, high resistance and heating. A high resistance will cause a voltage drop, as more current is drawn from it.

Why does may battery drain to car while driving?

Bad alternator or corroded or loose cables.

What could cause an s10 pickup battery light to come on?

Check your battery for loose connections and check your alternator.

Can a loose battery cable cause a battery to go dead?

Yes. If it is loose on the side that comes from that alternator, then the alt. is not getting the opportunity to charge the battery. So basically you're running your car on pure battery and it will go dead accordingly

Just replaced alternator on your Mazda tribute and the battery light is coming on slightly what would cause this?

Loose alternator drive belt or loose or corroded battery cables. The battery itself may also be bad.

While driving 99 Suburban will suddenly loose all electrical power killing the engine and everything else?

Loose battery cable much?

What does loose battery cables cause?

Hard starting, corrosion at terminals, eventually cause a weak charge on the battery from cranking too much, will not start at all, can cause your carburetor to flood.

The car turns off suddenly while driving?

The car will stop if the battery cable comes loose.

Why won't your battery stay charged?

Defective alternator, dead cell in battery, something on pulling power from the battery when the vehicle is idle, corroded battery cable connections, or loose alternator drive belt.

Why cant a torsion bar be left rusty?

In the event of it breaking, you may loose control of vehicle. It also may cause damage to other parts if it snaps while driving, not to mention you can possibly cause a serious accident and possibly flip over depending on vehicle and operating conditions when it breaks.

I was trying to jump start another vehicle when I shut off my vehicle. There was no electrical power to my vehicle when I tried to start it again. What could be the cause?

A quickie guess would be a loose battery terminal on your car. There may be some other reasons for your vehicles "deadness" when you went to start again, but if you connected your jumper cables correctly, the first place most folks would look would be your battery terminals. Is one loose or dirty/corroded between the terminal and the battery post? Pull 'em, clean 'em and reattach them to see what happens.

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