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Yes males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life

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Q: Can a males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?
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What is the percentage of males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?

The consumption of alcohol by males has not been shown to be a factor in fetal alcohol syndrome.

How does alcohol abuse affect teens?

It affects how teens do in school, and affect the choices they will make later in life, and they most likely will not have a good life after abusing alcohol.

What effect will alcohol consumption have on a guest who is taking medication?

your whole body, organs will go down.. it can make you big problems, which can be shown later

What is The later stages of human devolment?


Would one glass of wine be detected with a breathalyzer 9 hours later?

The alcohol in one glass of wine would not be detected on a breathalyzer nine hours after consumption.

Why was there prohibition in the 1920s?

"Concern over excessive alcohol consumption" in America began in the Colonial era, and later, the "temperance" movement sought to reduce alcohol intake. Essentially, it had been brewing in the US for 60 years before it came into law.

What is difference a ovu zygote embryo fetus?

There really isn't much difference between a zygote, embryo, and fetus. A zygote forms after fertilization and becomes an embryo, which later becomes a fetus.

Can you have a dead fetus in you and not bleed?

Yes. You can find out weeks later when you get an infection.

What is canning used for?

Preservation of food for later consumption.

Who invented alcohol why?

Alcohol wasn't invented, but discovered. It was discovered by unknown people back in Egypt thousands of years ago, used as an anesthetic(pain reliever). The Egyptians even had a god of wine, as well as later the Greeks and Romans. The Chinese also believed that mild alcohol consumption was prescribed by the gods, 3200 years ago.

Does puberty stop if you drink alcohol?

No, alcohol doesn't affect puberty, but you really shouldn't be drinking at a young age because it's usually illegal to do so. Although drinking doesn't affect puberty, puberty appears to affect drinking. A study of young people has found that early onset of puberty predicts consumption of alcohol and intoxication among both males and females. It also predicts smoking, drug use, and both sex and unprotected sex at an earlier age. Among boys, early puberty predicts fighting and other aggressive behaviors. The findings are consistent with mounting evidence that early age of drinking does not cause later alcohol-related problems, but that both are caused by earlier-occurring events or characteristics.

What is the antibody the mother passes to her fetus?

There are many antibodies passed to the fetus. Any and all that she was exposed to would be passively passed to the fetus. These are passive in that the newborn will have to make his own later in life but will keep him from harm for about 6 months.

The resulting fertilized egg in sexual reproduction in humans is called?

The result is a zygote which later develops into an embryo, which later becomes a fetus.

What happens to the fertilized egg?

The fertilized egg becomes an embryo and later becomes a fetus.

Is it possible to get fragile x syndrome later in life?

no, FXS begins while a fetus.

What is the fluid that cushions and protects the embryo and later the fetus?

Amniotic fluid, in the amniotic sac.

Will a snake hoard food?

No - snakes do not store food for later consumption !

Does drinking alcohol with diabetes from a young age if even it is controlled affect your health in later years?

No you just live your life to the fullest <3 the haters out there btw:this is not a true mesage

When pregnant rats drink alcohol their young offspring later display a what?

liking for the odor of alcohol

Can a woman not go into labor?

Yes, a women in a third world country had her fetus die and her body did not abort it, 35 years later, see had complications from it and the body had encased the fetus in calcium.

Do all fetus start as males?

No. All fetus' start as an egg that is fertilized from the male and the cells divide. Gender is determined at conception from the DNA in the sperm but it cannot be detected until a later time. Check for week by week development of a fetus.

How many vertebrae does an adult have?

24. A fetus has 33, but later the bones of the sacrum and coccyx fuse together.

What can miscarrages cause?

A miscarriage cause the death of the embryo or fetus and make the uterus bleed (which stops later).

How are pregnant women with toxoplasmosis treated?

Transmission of toxoplasmosis from the mother to the fetus may be prevented if the mother takes the antibiotic spiramycin. Later in a pregnancy, if the fetus has contracted the disease, treatment with the antibiotic pyrimethamine

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The answer depends on the society that you live in. Or even in families. A pet lamb could represent an animal for consumption at a later date.