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Q: Can a man have a dream about someone he fancies like a woman does?
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What is the meaning of some one fancies you?

"Fancy" is a colloquial expression in the South meaning "like," so "someone fancies you" means someone "likes you" or has a crush on you. Congratulations!

If you dream of someone you like does it mean that they like you?


What does to have a fantasy about someone mean?

It's like to have a day dream about someone you like.

What 3 lovers don't require love juice in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

Because it's like a luv from a first sight. The one who got a bit of love juice falls in love like when someone meets a woman of his dream and build a dream marriage

What does it mean when you dream about kissing someone?

That you like them.

What does it mean to dream that someone turns into a cat?

This dream expresses your feelings about that someone, suggesting that you feel they have cat-like qualities.

What does it mean to be someone else in a dream?

You probably want to be someone else. Maybe this dream is trying to tell you that you really are someone else, and you are acting like someone you're not.

Someone you know and like in a dream?

a dream is when the mind has a problem that it wants to figure out and if you like someone they are often in your dreams because you either want to figure out if they like you, or if you are already going out then you are thinking about them a lot and that can make them in your dream. hope this helps!!

Why do you dream about someone you like?

Dreams express your own thoughts and feelings. It is entirely normal to dream about the person you like. Your dreams do not mean that the someone is thinking or dreaming of you.

How can you tell if your friend fancies someone?

when you say fancies someone does that mean like someone? well if that what it means then your friend likes a guy. you will know because she wants to be with him more then she does with you(mabey). she will probaly talk bout the guy when she is over your house, or at sleepovers. and if it's a girl that she wants to be her friend she will do anything to get into her fan club OR WHAT EVR YOU GUYS CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it mean when you dream of someone you like?

it either means you like them or something.

If you dream about someone breaking up with someone else do you like them?

no because i dont like them alissa rocks

If you dream about a certain someone that you like a lot do they dream about you too?

not nessisarily. if you like them,and they know you like them or they like you too, then its very likely that hey dream about you.if they dont know that you at all, then they wont dream about you. (p.s.) if they DO dream about you, it means that they LOVE you! Answer It depends on the relationship that you have with that person.

What does it mean when you have a dream of someone that you like?

You got puberty!

What is a Slishur?

A Slishur is when you have a dream about someone that you really like.

What does it mean when you dream that someone that likes you?

You subconsciously like them.

What does it mean when in your dream someone you like is about to kiss you but you reject her?

It means nothing, it's just a dream.

Can you dream about someone you love?

Yes just like u can dream bout nythin else

What does it mean if someone warns you about your partner in their dream?

Someone else's dream is not about you at all, but about that dreamer. If someone says something about you in THEIR dream, "you" represent that other person in their own dream. On the other hand, if you dream that someone warns you about your partner, that is quite different and you should pay attention to your own dream. In this case, the "someone" in your dream represents your own mind which is trying to get you to recognize that your partner is not as wonderful as you would like to believe.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like ignoring you?

This dream suggests that the "someone" the dreamer "likes" is either completely unaware of the affection or that the person is not interested.

What does it mean when you dream about someone you like is with someone else?

it means he's maybe not the guy for you

What does it mean when you have a bad dream about someone you like 3 nights in a row?

you like them

If I had a dream that I had a son and then a few days later I met someone who looks and acts exactly like the person I met in the dream what does that mean?

The dream means very little as described. The images and persons seen in dreams are symbols that often represent generic types, much like avatars in video games. It is not unusual to feel as if someone looks and acts "exactly" like someone from a dream, when in reality, the dream had no resemblance to the actual person. The experience simply influenced the memory of the dream.

What do you do if you know someone fancies you but you don't fancy them?

well if you dont like them. just tell them nicely that you dont feel the same way about them and that hopefully you can be friends.

What does it mean when you dream of someone you don't like but then have a crush on them?

This dream simply illustrates the dreamer's conflicted feelings about someone or something. The "someone" in the dream might be a symbol representing someone or something other than that particular person. Most importantly, the dream does not provide any insight into that other person's thoughts or feelings.